Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday's Hunt v 3.13

Here we are again for Friday's Hunt with Eden Hills.  Today the prompts are:  Starts with M, Week's Favourite, and Water.

Starts with M
I have a few M words for today's post.  First of all, here's my marvelous husband Marc, who is outside in the garage working on his project to insulate and finish the inside walls of this outbuilding so it can be his motorcycle workshop.

Here are some of his motorcycles, all covered in dust from the wood planing he has been doing, but they will be cleaned off when the season arrives for using them.  You can see the planer on the floor at the lower right.

It is a bit of a mess in there right now.  He is using pallet wood to create the ceiling of the workshop. Here's the outside edge where he's started, but the next step is to put up vapour barrier.  He can't go further with the wood until that's done.

However, the pallets have been outside this winter so they have a lot of moisture in them.  After he planes each board, he is letting them dry out.  It's an ongoing project.  He hopes to have it finished by the fall of this year.

Week's Favourite
I took this picture of Lucky Nickel through the fence, by mistake - she got in the way of my shot. However, I rather liked this picture, even though it wasn't my intended one.

After that picture, I took another of her horns, showing the texture on them.  I like it too, so I'm sharing both these goat close-ups for my favourites this week.

My birds have water in their heated birdbath.

My sheep and goat have water in their heated bucket.

Most of the rest of the water around here is in the form of snow and ice.  Here's a picture of my back deck from this week.  When I say there is snow, I mean a lot!  Although, this is far less than was there earlier this month.

I did find a puddle in the driveway, since we are a little above freezing today, and there was a reflection of a pine tree in the water's surface.

Marc also pointed out that there was a little puddle at the bottom of the slope by the garage.  There is even some green-ish looking grass around it.  That will be frozen tonight though.  We have plenty of winter left to go.


Tom said...

...and here I thought that our spring was slow in coming. WOW, you sure a bunch of snow hanging in here. Stay warm and I'll see you next week.

Jim said...

Hi Claire. Thank you for the story of your style manual adherence. That must have been a big task, changing over. I suppose your word processor will find and do the changing, you just need to get all the documents and make sure also each one is done correctly.
I have a hard time with the winters now. We had freeze damage to our back this year so this week we had things get fixed up. One of the three palm tries did not recover from the freeze and we had it replaced. New flowers were planted and the other stuff was putting on leaves. All will be fine.
It is nice that you can have a warm place for the bikes next winter. In New Hampshire my Vespa had to stay out in the cold. In Houston I kept my Honda motorcycle in the kitchen year round. It had been stolen once when I was leaving it out. The lock had been cut.
Keep warm, the family and animals too.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - this Yes, I like the half face of your goat too! Insulation is a great thing in your neck of the woods to keep the heat inside:):)

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Love the picture of lucky Nickels Face! Yes you have snow! We had a hard rain the other day so the rest of our snow has disappeared. After the rain we could see the green grass showing up. Llamas and Alpacas are out munching what they can find.

Anonymous said...

That is quite the project Marc is taking on. It will be nice when it's finished. Love the shot of Lucky Nickel's face. She's such a pretty girl. I am impressed with your spoiled birds--a heated bath is quite the luxury for them. I am impressed with how much snow you still have. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. I hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of snow! Marc appears to have a big job ahead of him. Guys who know how to build and make stuff are always handy to have around. My link didn't this week: