Sunday, July 2, 2017

Bunday Blog Business

This week I'd like to advocate the benefits of resting.  We rest a lot during the day.  We might also rest a lot at night, although I'm not saying, because the female hoomin bean (FHB) is always wondering what we get up to at night, and I prefer to let her live in mystery.

Now that it is summertime here in Canada, we think that resting is a national pastime. There are hoomin beans resting everywhere - at the beach, on their deck, on their patio, at outdoor cafés, the list goes on and on.  We like to rest on the window sill.  The cat also likes to rest on the window sill, but we evict the cat when we want to be on the window sill, because bunnies have precedence since the cat can lounge in places that we can't reach.  It's only fair.

Lady Épinette Nutkin shows excellent resting form.  She stays close to the water dish.  The FHB always makes sure we have fresh water because it can get warm on the window sill in the sun. Épinette is also still moulting, so she needs to keep herself warm in the spots where she has less fur at the moment.

Sometimes we like to snuggle while we are resting.

Sometimes, we rest further apart.

Sometimes, Lady Épinette lets her leg dangle off the edge of the windows sill, in a most alluring way. I see the duck looking at her.

On cloudy days, like today, we put on our sombreros and have a siesta on the rug.

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