Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday's Hunt v 4.03

I can't believe it's Friday already!  Where did the week go?  Summer is just flying by.

I am not very prepared for this week's Friday Hunt.  The topics are:  Starts with C, Building, and Something I Wear.

Starts with C
Today, I was given a little gift by Mother Nature - the chance to rescue a chipmunk.  Unfortunately, I have an outdoor cat.  I'm not all that fond of cats, and I do not generally approve of outdoor cats. Izzy was my former barn cat and she is a very friendly cat, but she is terrible at litter box use, so she can't stay in the house, so I am stuck with keeping her outside.  As a result, she sometimes catches little creatures.  This really upsets me, but most of the time she is not very successful with hunting.

Anyway, I saw her outside today with a limp chipmunk hanging from her mouth and I was horrified. I've never seen her catch one and they are usually way too fast for her.  Anyway, I went running out to see if I could rescue it but I feared it was already dead.  She dropped it and it just lay on its side.  I picked it up immediately and cradled it and found that it was, remarkably, still alive, but not moving much.  I checked it over for wounds and found none.  So, I put it into a plastic jug that was handy, and took it inside to observe it to see if it needed to be taken to the Atlantic Wildlife Institute for treatment or rehab.  I offered it some sunflower seeds.

The chipmunk was still for a very long time and seemed a bit stunned, which I suppose is normal given the experience it had just been through.  I took it out to the back screened porch and put it in a larger plastic tote with some seeds and water for a while.  About 20 minutes later when I went to check on it, it was running around inside the porch and chirping in the way chipmunks do.  So, I knew it was most likely going to be OK.  I let it go, after getting a couple of cute pictures!  I am so glad I had the opportunity to save it, and it gave me a letter C for today!

Marc has been doing a tremendous job on the renovation of the outbuilding that is becoming his motorcycle workshop.  As I've mentioned before, he is using pallet wood and barn boards to do the inside walls.  This week, the ceiling heater arrived that will keep it warm enough for him to work out there during the winter.  Here is the building from the outside - during the winter of course.

Here is how part of it looked last winter.

Here is how that same part looks now.  The upper boards are the pallet wood and the lower boards (horizontal) are the barn boards.

He also refinished a couple of vintage windows to use on the inside dividing wall - they look great! He hopes to have it all finished by the fall.

Something I Wear
Right now we're in the middle of summer, which is the hottest time of the year here.  That said, it's not THAT hot.  We don't have air conditioning though, because we really don't need it.  We very rarely hit 30 C (86 F) and generally we don't go over 26 C (79 F) but for me, that's still quite warm.  I wear a lot of lightweight sleeveless dresses in the summer to keep cool.  I especially like tie-dyed ones. Here I am today in one of those dresses.  I'm also wearing a very pretty turquoise glass pendant that my parents brought me as a gift from their recent trip to Bermuda - I love the colours!  It seems that I am almost always wearing something teal, green, or turquoise.


Michelle said...

I LOVED your responses to Friday's Hunt! So glad the chipmunk recovered. Marc has done an awesome job on the interior of that building; I really like the looks of it, inside AND outside. Dreaming of an art studio, with the lovely Claire using it! ;-)

Tom said...

...Claire, you married one clever guy! My closet is full of tiedyes.

Jim said...

I like it too, Claire. Thanks for the update on the motorcycle workshop. From the outside it looks very inviting, like a wonderful man-cave in the making. Art studio? If he ever quits riding just look for him out there. I'm glad you rescued the little chipmunk. He needed you. We don't have Atlantic Wildlife Institutes in the US. Our new president doesn't seem to appreciate wildlife so if we did he would probably make an order closing them all. You look really nice in your pretty summer dress.

Ralph said...

I'm glad the chipmunk was okay - our cat only tastes the outdoors by a window screen! There a few feral ones in our suburban neighborhood, and I watched one stalk a grackle from behind - body down, tail down. But the grackle caught wind of the cat and departed just in time. Our Linus stalks moths inside...great outbuilding! The paneled inside walls and old windows are beautiful! Nice summer wear!

porkpal said...

I never knew pallet wood could be so beautiful.

Margaret Adamson said...

You look lovely in your dress and I am so glad you had the opportunity to save the Chipmonk. He is a cutie. Have a wonderful weekend.

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

Chipmunk and cat - you scored 2 Cs, along with construction!

Janice Adcock said...

What an exciting post! The outbuilding is looking good. Those are some of my go to colors, too. so cool and refreshing in the heat of summer. We are hanging around 38 C during the daytime. Early morning we hope for 26 C. Stay cool in that lovely dress.

Gattina said...

The first chipmonks I saw in my life was when I was already nearly 30 on a visit to the States to my aunt in Madison, they are so cute ! Your outbuilding could be used for guests, so nice it looks now ! That's the kind of summer dress I like too when it's hot !

Anonymous said...

Snickers brought me one of those gifts (one of the little thirteen lined ground squirrels) and wanted to bring it in the window. It was still alive, and I got Snickers away, leaving the little fella in the window. It was breathing okay and seemed dazed, but after a bit, he left the window, so I hope it was okay too. The building looks amazing! It will be nice to have it finished before winter. Love the outfit. You look so pretty and happy. That makes me smile. :-) Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great rest of the week!