Saturday, December 6, 2008

Muck Boots - Practical vs. Fun

The blog over at Laughing Orca Ranch had a post today on muck boots. I was very inspired by her fun and fancy muck boots. Mine are not quite as exciting, but still fun. In fact, if I post about them today, she will even let me have her fancy sticker for my blog. How can I resist?!

I keep my muck boots in the garage, primarily because they are mucky. This prevents the dispersal of muck throughout the house. It also reminds and encourages Kelly to leave his muck boots in the garage, which are invariably muckier than mine, and would do even more dispersal of muck into the house. So, the biggest problem with my muck boots at this time of year is that they are COLD when I put my feet into them.

I have two pairs of muck boots really. I do have some summer clogs but they are put away right now, so I will show my fall and winter muck boots. I have the sensible tall pair for deeper snow and muck, and the fun stripy pair for less challenging muck situations, or shallow snow. I was wearing the tall ones earlier this week but now I can use the short again since we've had some snow melt.

I must say that I feel more fun and light hearted when I wear the stripy ones. The green ones, while very practical, have a sort of serious "let's get down to business" feel about them, as if I can't just go frolic with the hens. I might have to get another pair of fun ones now, based on the ones I saw from Laughing Orca Ranch. I feel a bit of adventure coming on in my muck boot choices in future.
When I went to take these photos, I lifted my green muck boots and found a poor little dead mouse under them. It wasn't stepped on, so I'm not sure why it died, and why it had to do so under my boots. No obvious trauma on it. I put it in the rubbish bin, but I do feel bad for it. Not that I really want them in my garage, but all little creatures have their place. It didn't look like a nursing mama mouse, so hopefully there isn't a nest of babies in the garage somewhere needing attention. Otherwise I might be tempted to let them nest in my muck boot. Only temporarily of course.


kristi said...

Are yours the official Muck Boot Company boots? If not, then you must go right over to their site and buy a pair!! I have the green ones which live on my feet then of course the lavendar colored ones followed!! I have lots of boots! I did a post on my boots awhile back....happy boots make make sheep:)

Claire said...

They are not....they are all LL Bean boots. I hadn't heard of the Muck Boot company until this morning after reading the other post! I will check out their site. I love lavender!

Joanna said...

1/2 my pair is missing, I don't know if one of the dogs ran out the door with it or what. Our ground is frozen solid now so I wore my hiking boots down to the lot today. We've searched all over for my boot but no luck.

What's a girl to do without her muck boots?

I'll have togo over to Orca and read her blog today, thx.

Christy said...

We had a mouse in our garage the other day. It was in the cat food bag. The cat food is now in a plastic container in the kitchen. Your striped boots look a lot like mine, but mine are higher. I also keep them in the garage and they are cold when I put them on in the morning!

Claire said...

Me too! I had a mouse in the chicken feed bag! I think about getting a cat but am worried about the chicks that I put outside around 12 weeks. Hmmm.

You know, it occurs to me, maybe that mouse died from sniffing inside my muck boot!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Not to insult, but maybe you're right? The little mouse was either to shocked by your green boots or was just terrified of them...maybe it had had a bad experience with boots a long time ago. hehehe

I usre hope you've not got an infestation of mice. We had one last winter in our garage and bought a few humane traps. Ended up with 15 mice (!!) in just two days, captured and killed. Then we found their hole in the garage wall and all their poo and pee. Ewwww!

I so loved your muck boots post. And I enjoyed seeing both pairs of your boots, too. I think they are both wonderful. But the striped pair just exude fun!
I bet your chickens are noticeably more excited when they see you arrive in those striped boots, too :)

So, come on back over and pick up your Muck Boot-Tabulous Award! Your choice. Your blog totally qualifies :)

New Mexico

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You asked how to add things to your side-bar, so here's my basic knowledge of how to do it. (I'm sort of a techno-phobe, so I know just enough to get me by. lol!):

**Right click on the image. Choose "Save As" and then save the image to your 'pictures' or to your desktop' or another folder of your choice.**

Once logged into your blog:

1)Got to 'Dashboard' (click on the link in the upper right corner)

2)Click on 'Layout'

3)Click on 'Add a Gadget'

4)Scroll down to 'Picture', Click on it.

5)You should have saved the picture/award to your "Pictures" folder or even to the "Desktop"

6)So, now click "Browse"

7)Once you find your photo (where you left it. lol!), then click 'Open'.

8)It will then load it. Be patient.

9)Then just click 'Save'

And if you want to move any of your 'Gadget' photos around, all you have to do is Right-click on it, keeping your finger down, while lifting the box to wherever you want it (up or down the column).

I hope my instructions weren't too confusing.
If you need anymore help, just let me know. I'll try to help :)

New Mexico

Claire said...

Woo hoo! It worked! I got my fancy sticker! Thank you Lisa! It's my first one ever!

Doin' the happy dance!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I love your stripey ones!! I actually have 3 pair of official muck boots, from the shoe one, to the calf boot one, to the almost-to-the-knee boot, but how funny is it that I prefer my $12.99 rubber boot specials?! :-)

Wrensong Farm said...

I love your stripey ones they remind me of summer beach towels....ok I'm just dreaming of a warm sunny beach and the smell of suntan lotion......

I can't leave my mucks out in the garage because they are boring looking and the dogs try to help by decorating them with their teeth. :) I will have to do a post of them though so I can add Lisa's blog bling! :)

clairesgarden said...

thanks for visiting! love your muck boots! an the stripey ones are great. I do have a pair of bright pink garden clogs, I tend to use them for gradening and running out to the car to get things I have forgotten, I hve managed to go to work in them once too!
you be careful out on those roads!1