Thursday, January 21, 2010

Icy and Stormy

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, we had a bad ice storm here yesterday.  In fact, it was so bad, that I still could not get up the driveway today.  The driveway is on a slope up to the gravel road, which becomes a small but steep-ish hill down to another gravel road, and then a bigger, steeper hill up to a sharp turn, onto yet another gravel road.  All this conspires to make driving a bit difficult after this much ice.  Even if I made it up one of the hills, there’s no telling if I’d make it up the next one…or if I’d end up in a ditch.  When I can’t even get up the driveway, I figure the rest of the hills are not going to be a good thing.

This afternoon, things finally began melting, and large crashing noises became a regular occurrence as huge chunks of ice slid off the roof.  I ventured out to the barn where Kelly was in the woodshop and our conversation was interrupted with what sounded like a herd of caribou on the roof.  Nope.  Just more ice taking a short trip off a steep metal roof.

I took the camera out with me to document some of the ice.  When I first walked outside and listened to the noises, I would have guessed the woods were full of deer. 

There were crashing and cracking sounds constantly.  It was the ice breaking, or tree limbs breaking, and all the bits falling onto the frozen ground where they skittered away to hide in a new place.  Every step was treacherous out there.  I nearly had some close encounters with the ground myself, but fortunately I held myself upright.

I took some pictures of the leaves on the trees, and the branches, in their icy coats.

There were a few spots on my walk where the grass was showing...well...sort of showing.

Here's what the path to the barn looks like right now!  That's pure ice!

I looked up at my fruit trees.  Some look alright.

 Others don't look good at all.

I couldn't go investigate without risking broken bones or other hazards.  Apparently somebody in Des Moines lost an eye due to a fall on the ice.  I didn't want to take that kind of risk.

Last summer's Echinacea heads were completely covered in ice and leaning over.  Oh how it makes me long for spring!

To make myself feel a little better, I visited with Dolly and Stormy.  Dolly was laying down and looking well rested.  Stormy was exploring his surroundings as he often does.  Today he is much steadier on his feet, and very inquisitive.

He has this expression, and I haven't decided what it means yet.  What do you think?  Is he really unimpressed with my checking in on him?!  Dolly was giving me the eye too.

He gave me that look more than once!

But then he came over and whined at me, and I couldn’t help but give him a little tickle.

I’m so amazed at how similar he is to Dolly’s patterns.  I would have thought that we would have seen more of his father’s colouring somewhere.  Maybe he will have more of his father’s stance or heavy coat. 

I can't decide if he's black or really dark brown.  Dolly is really dark brown but her face is more black.  We'll wait and see as he matures!  I hope your world is not as icy as mine, or if it is, I hope you have some furry critters to make you smile.


Mom L said...

Oh, Claire! I missed Stormy's announcement so had to go back and read the previous post - he is adorable! Well worth the trouble you and Kelly went through. (Easy for me to say - I'm inside, warm and dry!)

We had some of your ice storm yesterday but I don't think it was as bad as yours. I did have to cancel a dr's appt this morning - took a few steps on the ice covered sidewalk leading from my bldg to the parking lot, but my cane slipped and I slowly - and carefully - backed up. My sister has the Yak Trax, but I think I'd rather snuggle inside!


Gail said...

So glad the ice is leaving. It can do alot of damage. We are still recovering from last year's terrible ice storm.

Cute baby!

Mary Ann said...

We had an ice storm a few weeks ago, and I lost a pear tree we'd planted in the spring. I was quite bummed out! Like you, I could not travel out to see if it was leaning or cracked in half until the snow softened a bit.

As for Stormy, I think we all demand more pictures :)

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

we got your ice storm today, Boone is shut down tonight. Stormy is looking good.

Dr. Mary T. said...

I'm so glad to see this update - been wondering all day about the little guy. Very nice photos of the woods and the mom and baby.
The broken fruit trees are sad. I remember those midwestern ice storms and don't regret leaving them behind.

Speaking of the ice, the chinook melted all the snow into a skating rink. Took a spill just awhile ago trying to get the wild bird feeders filled and checking out the pond heaters. I'm for sure going to look for Yak Trax.

You guys take care and thanks again for the update

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! That ice looks treachurous! It's so beautiful...but deadly. I hope your fruit trees rebound from this ice. And I hope you stay safe. I'd be staying home, too.

I've not been by for a while and I had no idea you had a cria! How exciting! He's precious! And I love his name. What a funny expression, too.


WeekendFarmer said...

Great story! He got so big so fast!!

Deb said...

I would much rather have snow than ice. It's so dangerous for sure. Great photos of your world :)

Stormy is just the cutest - do baby cria's like to be petted?

Be careful out there!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

hee hee - that's a "what-choo-lookin'-at-lady" look! He's really cute! I'm sorry for your fruit trees. Before I was born my lady had an ice storm here and she lost many of her trees. Don't fall on the ice Claire! Kisses from Isobelle!

Flartus said...

I don't think I ever had a chance to comment on Stormy's arrival: too cool! (or cold, I suppose...) I was suprised that you managed to get one of the girls to 'fess up, after leaving him dumped unceremoniously all alone. I was relieved to see the pics of him & Dolly together.

He really is a cutie pie.

I would love to be able to stand in the middle of the countryside and listen to the ice cracking all through the woods. Here, it would be drowned out by muffler-less cars, police sirens, or somebody's yapping dog.

Stay warm, stay safe, and thanks for all the wonderful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Oh, ice can be so destructive to trees and bones! Do be safe!

Oh, and little Stormy is very cute!

Animals with Opinions said...

the human thinks ice storms are beautiful. they get those alot in oklahoma. she said when you lose power its really cool at night. its dead silent and all you hear are the trees and limbs crashing down. can't even describe it, you just have to be there. anyway back to me. nice llama if you are into things that spit. me not so much. be careful out there!

gerald the non spitting goat

Apifera Farm said...

I missed Stormy too - what a beautifully odd little expression!

Guzzisue said...

I've never experienced an ice storm and over here people panic one we have a couple of inches of snow! WHat is a Yak Trax? love Stormy!! so so cute!!

Nancy K. said...

We've had three days and nights of freezing rain so I know just what you're going through! I haven't even attempted to get down my driveway. Going out to the barns to feed the chickens and sheep is challenging enough! I need to get myself some of those Yak Tracks!

The one fun thing with the ice is watching the dogs. I laughed hysterically for about 10 minutes yesterday, watching them try to play in the back yard. Their legs would go every which way...

Stay safe!

What an incredible story about Stormy! Thank God you guys were home...

Mare said...

I absolutely HATE ice storms, but they sure are pretty to look at (not to move around in! ;) Stormy is beautiful! He does have such a cute expression on that little face of his!