Monday, January 4, 2010

Sheep of the Century

Well, my name is Marshmallow, but of course most of you know me already. 

I have been featured quite frequently on this blog in the past, but you know, I don't have my own blog.  I said to Mom (well, she's not my biological mom, but you know, she's better than a biological mom really), "Why is it that all these goats have their own blogs and I don't have a blog?" and she said that we already have a blog but it's for the whole farm and not just me.  And I said I wanted my own blog and she said that was a bit much and I didn't want to be all pushy like those goats.  She said it's important for all the animals here to have their blog time.  I said we should all have blogs then, and she said that would be a full time job.  What is that supposed to mean?  Like she has something else to do? 

So anyway, we talked about it for a while and she said I can do today's post.  I'm not good at typing because I'm very busy being the ideal sheep and I don't have time for things like typing lessons, so she's being the typist and I'm just telling her what to type.  I like that sort of leadership role.  It's my destiny you know.

There has been all this business lately about the Goat of the Year.  Did you see all that?  If not, you can click here to see it.  You'll have to scroll down to see the whole mess of it, but there was a poll for these goats who all know each other and nobody nominated them in the first place for that award.  I admit they are nice goats, but they all got back-stabby and nasty and were being snide about each other.  And there were certain discrepancies with the voting that seem to have been glossed over.  It was a testament to the fickle nature of goats.  Sheep are much more steady.  You know where you are with sheep.  Goats are flighty and obstreperous.  They probably don't even know what that means, so I made it linked to its definition, in case they get around to reading this blog post.  We have goats here on the farm too.  But this post is not goat-centric, so enough about them.

I would just like to say that around here, there is no need for a Sheep of the Year poll, because clearly I am it.
I will always be it.  I suppose one day, when I pass into the everlasting pasture that Mother Earth has set aside for me, then I might let somebody else be Sheep of the Year, but until then, really, there is no need.  First of all, I am the only sheep who has lived in the people house for over 2 months. 

None of the other sheep have really lived in the people house at all.  One was in there once for a couple of hours but that's it.  So I have special privileges entitling me to a higher status. For example, I am the official yarn tester.

I remind you here that I even had morning snuggle privileges.  Of course, I don't do that now because I live outside.  That's a lamb activity, and I'm a sheep now.

Second of all, I am remarkably cute.  There is no denying this.  It's just the way it is.  I was cute from Day 1.

Third of all, I follow Mom like a puppy.  I stay right on her heels most of the time.  Occasionally, there might be an interesting bit of grass for me to investigate, or a really prime dandelion specimen, but otherwise, I am right there.  Dependable.  Reliable.  I even helped her with making some crocheted booties.

Oh, fourth of all, I am the only sheep on the farm that gets to run around outside the pasture fence.  This is because I am dependable and reliable.  I don't go places that I shouldn't and I stay close to Mom in case she needs me.  In addition, I freely fertilize the entire acreage for Mom's benefit, so she can grow more plants that might be good for me to eat.  Of course, when Mom goes into the people house, she puts me back in the pasture, because we don't want the other sheep to stage a riot. 

Fifth of all, I talk.  The other sheep bleat and carry on with no particular thought in mind.  I'm different.  I call to Mom specifically when I see her come outside the people house, because I know that the only reason she has come outside is to see where I am and to ensure that I am alright.  Isn't that sweet of her?  Sometimes, she pretends that she hasn't come outside just to see me, and she carries on with other chores, but I can see her looking at me in her peripheral vision.  (that's another term the goats won't understand).  I specifically outline my grain and hay and water needs on a daily basis, because with Mom saying she's so busy and all, I wouldn't want her to forget my requirements.  She met my requirements so well when I lived in the people house.

So all of this, combined with my many other talents and abilities, make me the perfect sheep, even though I'm not full grown.  It was evident from my birth that I was quite perfect.  My biological mother seemed to overlook this fact, but really I know she was just intimidated by my perfection and she needed Mom to take me and raise me.  So, there is no Sheep of the Year poll on Whispering Acres Farm.  And, don't be fooled by the fact that other lambs are going to be due starting in February.  That's quite irrelevant.  I am it.  Enough said.


Tai said...

Sheep of the year? I nominate this adorable beauty for sheep of the century! What a lovely girl, inside and out.

Aimee said...

okay that's pretty remarkably cute. And I'm a goat person!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

And yes you are sweetie. I've got two sheep of my own and though they were cute as little lambs, they didn't even compare to your adorableness, an they didn't live in the People House either.

Cute post, Claire!


Jenny Holden said...

You're one top little sheep Marshmallow. You'll sure keep those pesky goats in line when you're older. Your Mom is very lucky to have a friend like you; what would she do without you? x

Mary Ann said...

Marshmallow, you have my vote--you are adorable!!!!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

My goodness Marshmallow! You are a very beautiful sheep and I certainly would vote for you as sheep of the year - even though you have some truly weird ideas about us goats. I can forgive that...after are a young sheep and I'm a wise yearling goat! I didn't know about that Goat of the Year thingy! It wouldn't matter anyway because as you are the Supreme Sheep I am the Supreme Doe and always will be...hee hee...although I give a lot of credit to my Mom who bore me. I hope you can blog again soon Marshmallow. You are the very prettiest sheep girl!

marisa said...


thecrazysheeplady said...

You've got my vote Marshmellow. Normally I'd have had to vote for Keebs, but he's been in a lot of trouble lately. You look like you would NEVER get in trouble :-).

Anonymous said...

Marshmallow, you rock!

Lola Nova said...

That is one gorgeous sheep! Oh yes, Marshmallow, no one can beat you, you are supreme!

Give a nice little rub to your mama, she takes very good care of you.

Da Bean said...

Me and Sissy were raised in the house!!

Anonymous said...

A sheep in a diaper - this was a great way to end my online day.
Marshmellow- you have talent. I hope you blog again.

Mom L said...

Marshmallow, I totally agree that you are by far the sheep of the century!!! I'm a little miffed at you, though. Emma was walking around on my keyboard and reading your post with me. Now she wants me to start a blog just for her - yes, that's right, a cat blog! She does get to live in the People House, though, and right now is sitting on my printer, watching more snow fall.

You are beautiful, girl!

Nancy and Emma in Iowa

Wrensong Farm said...

There is definitely no doubt in MY mind that you at the very least are sheep of the year....sheep of the century....that's more like it.

I even asked my remaining 4 sheep and they said you are tops in their minds, and they'd like to see you on tour....(course they are all young boys)....

I enjoyed your post immensely, Marshmellow, and I hope you get to blog again soon (and REALLY does your Mom have anything better to do!!?) :)

GardenofDaisies said...

OMG!!! Marshmallow you are absolutely adorable and you get my vote for sheep for the year!!

Blue Goose Farms said...

How Awesome! What a great read! Marshmallow is a very lucky Sheep to have her own blog and wonderful parents 8)