Friday, January 15, 2010

Sheep: The Home Invasion

Do you ever notice that when you develop an interest in something, it begins to pervade all aspects of your life?  If not, well, then you haven't developed a sufficiently strong interest in something!!

Today, I thought I'd do a little blogging about how sheep have invaded my home.  Yes, yes, I know, Miss Marshmallow, Sheep of the Century, invaded my home, in person (in sheep?), for a couple of months last year, but that was different.  I'm talking about the more subtle ways that sheep have found their way into my home.

First, there's the fibre (or fiber, if you're an American speller).  I have fibre everywhere.

It's in my basement craft area.  It's in my home office, because I keep a spinning wheel there.  It's in my living room, because I have a half knitted sock there.  It's in my bedroom, because I have a knitting project on my bedside table, and there are even some buttons sent by a friend to celebrate my love of spinning wool.

There is fibre in my kitchen, because on my kitchen table there is a basket with wool in it.  Not to mention my knitting work-in-progress bag, which has sheep on it...see?

It's everywhere!  And I love it!  I can't get enough of wool.

Then, there are the books and magazines.  There are sheep magazines or catalogues with sheep related paraphernalia in my bedroom, beside my bed, for moments of reading.

There are sheep books in the living room, where they sit on the coffee table.  There are sheep magazines in the bathroom, know.  Sometimes you need a little reading time.  There are sheep books and magazines in the basement too, because the TV is down there, and if I want to spend some time with Kelly, usually he's watching something I couldn't care less about, so instead, I snuggle on the couch reading about sheep. 

Oh, then there are the sheep themselves, or representations of them.  There are sheep in my basement, at my felting table.  I made them!  There are sheep above my desk, watching me type even as I write this. 

There are sheep at my desk, frolicking about as I write my to-do lists or notes to myself.

There is a sheep on the mantel in the living room, in picture form, along with 2 Christmas decoration sheep that I haven't got the heart to put away yet. 

There is a sheep scissor holder and a sheep measuring tape in my crafting area. 

They're everywhere!  And I love them!!

And yes, there are even sheep on my pajamas.

And cohabitating with my bedside bunny and zebra.  Where else do you find sheep living with rabbits and zebras?

It's a conspiracy I tell you!  But I'm perfectly happy to let it happen.  Long live the sheep invasion!

In other, less interesting news, here are my books for this semester.  Yes, the price tags are horrific.

I'm taking Property (my last first year class, now that I'm in my third year, because when you're part time, that's what happens), Land Use Control, and Gaming Law.  What?  Gaming Law???  Yes, it's a 2 credit course and I needed 2 credits to make up my 9 credit semester (the maximum I can take).  And hey, it includes a field trip to a casino to talk to the security staff about managing the legal aspects of running a casino.  It can't be all that bad!

The other exciting news, which relates back to sheep I suppose, is that my Christmas lamp arrived!  My parents generously sent me the money to buy a proper lamp for Christmas, since I really needed one that would illuminate a great many things for me.  Spinning, knitting, crocheting, reading law books....yes, I needed a good quality floor lamp.  I was lucky enough to find the Ott-Lamps on half price at JoAnn Fabrics (online).  I ordered a table lamp and a floor lamp since the sale prices were so good.  They arrived and unfortunately the table lamp was broken, so I had to return it.  However, the floor lamp is superb.  I am thrilled.  I have never had such a wonderful lamp.  The light is a nice clear blue-light, more like daylight than the yellowish light produced by most incandescent bulbs.  I can really see detail and colours clearly with it, and I'm absolutely delighted.  Get it?  DeLIGHTed.  Hahahahaha....

OK, that's enough for today.  Have a great weekend everybody!


Aimee said...

Oh what a beautiful dog!! I know, off topic, but what's his name?

Lola Nova said...

It's a good thing you like sheep :)
Love your jammies by the way!

I can just imagine the yarn you will spin once you are done with school. I can't imagine going back to school right now. I do take classes every once in a while when the schedule allows. I remember when Stella was born, Andrew was working full time and going to school almost full time ( he had a chemistry degree and was working in research, then went back to get his engineering degree) and we had a new baby. I never saw him, it was a little rough. It was all worth it though, he loves what he does now and has a secure job (not reliant on grants). You can do it!

As for the knitting bags, well... I saw some amazing bags made by others and thought that maybe another knitting bag wasn't what I needed to be working on. Plus, I'm not a knitter so...perhaps in the future. The truth is, I haven't really had much time to craft lately ( I just play a crafter on my blog :0) too much going on with the little gal.

Oh my, I did ramble on there.
Have a great weekend!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Ahem! Woo Hoo? Claire? Where are the GOATS in your house? There must be ONE goatie thing? I've never met a sheep but they seem like they'd be OK....I guess. I think I need to send extra GOAT KISSES to you so you'll remember us beautiful, fascinating and talented GOATS! hee hee

corinne said...

Strange......I have that same issue here. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Gail said...

I just have one quesiton...Do you like sheep?

Melodie said...

I can't think of a better addiction to have! I hope in a year or two I am right there with you! Well,I all ready am with the yarn addiction,but I want fiber sheep or goats! Love all your sheep decorations!

Mom L said...

Good morning, Sheepie Lady! What an amazing collection of all things sheep! I'm amazed at your energy for all these things: farm life, caring for your animals, spinning, work, AND school!!!

Nancy in Iowa

fullfreezer said...

Oh, I love your light. My Mom has an Ott-Light and it is wonderful! Lucky you for such a great gift!
And I love the sheep jammies!

Kara said...

Great post! :)

Anonymous said...

... and soon you will receive your felting kit in the mail to make another sheepie :) You have some lovely items and I love your dog!

Animals with Opinions said...

you know, you are really not helping me here. she saw your sheep crazy post and the ooh'ing and ahh'ing were just ridiculous. i think she might like sheep more than goats. waaaa she's going to replace me with "george the dumb sheep" or something.

gerald "back on the endangered list" majestic goat

Anonymous said...

Bad doggie mom... Bad doggie mom... LOL

The Blue Ridge Gal
(Oh how I love your sheepie jammies though)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

This was a sheep-tastic post! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos of your sheep invasion!