Sunday, May 28, 2017

Brief Bunday Blog Business

This week's Bunday Blog is, unfortunately, brief.  

The female hoomin bean (FHB) says there is just no time for blogging.  Doesn't she know how important it is?   

She says she is way behind on her work commitments and is going into panic mode.  We don't like it when she gets that way. 

Also, she has a very funny voice at the moment because she has some kind of respiratory illness and she sounds like a cross between a mouse and a frog.  Maybe some donkey noises thrown in for good measure.  We still love her because she picks dandelions for us, even when she is busy.  

Here you can see that Lady Épinette Nutkin's fur is growing back following her spaying operation. She likes to lie down on her side.  I just stay upright, to protect her in case of intruders.  The FHB says there won't be any intruders, but one cannot be too careful, especially when the FHB might be too busy to notice.

We hope that the FHB will give us more computer time next Bunday.