Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tulip Time

I am very pleased with the tulips that my mother and I planted last fall.  They are now flowering and the colours are so cheerful - they make me smile every time I look out the kitchen window.

I had purchased a few boxes of assorted tulip bulbs so I had expected a range of colours. Unfortunately, I have some reds mixed in with pinks, which I will fix before next spring.  Overall though, they have made a lovely spring display.  You can see the forget-me-nots are in bloom as well, and in the background, there are some allium buds that are not yet open.

One of the assortments was the regular style tulip flowers in an assortment of pinks and purples.

The shades are so rich and warm.  I love the deep plum on the left.

My favourite from this assortment is a white flower that has pink accents on it.  It is a really beautiful flower and I would like to find more of these to add to the garden for next year.

One of the assortments had the frilly-type flowers, and a large proportion of that box of bulbs is a bright magenta colour.  I am especially fond of these.

There are also some lovely yellow and red tulips - these are on especially long stems.  I will plant the red and yellow ones together in a bed that is separate from the pink and purple ones.  I love all the colours, but I'm not keen on the look of red and pink together.

Some of the flowers have very fine "shaggy" edges that give them an interesting appearance.  I think these are my favourite ones.

This one looks as if it is on fire.

My favourite in the shaggy-edged ones - this white and red one.  What a show-stopper!

I think we planted three boxes of mixed bulbs with 20 or so bulbs per box.  If I remember correctly, they were $9.99 for a box.  I would say that it was well worth the cost and the effort in planting to have such a stunning spring display.

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