Thursday, May 4, 2017

Friday's Hunt, v. 3.18

It's time for Friday's Hunt, although I'm typing this on Thursday because I will have a very busy Friday on the road with work-related meetings, and I won't have time to type a blog post.  I will get it linked up after the Eden Hills post gives us the link.

The topics for this week are:  Starts with R, Week's Favourite, and Window.

Starts with R
This is a red-breasted nuthatch - a common bird in my area, and one of my favourites.  They have a funny little flute-like song when they talk to each other.  I can always tell when they're coming through the woods to the feeder - they sound like they're playing tiny party horns.

I can always tell when they're coming through the woods to the feeder - they sound like they're playing tiny party horns

Week's Favourite
I'm so thrilled that the daffodils my mother and I planted in the fall have burst into bloom this week! That makes them qualify for my favourite this week.  Here are a few shots of the mixed varieties that we planted.  Many more blooms are yet to open.

One of my clients very kindly purchased me a window bird house, since she knows how much I love the birds.  So far, I don't have any residents.  I moved the bird house to a different window today in the hopes that it will be a more attractive location, since it is closer to foliage that will come out on the climbing hydrangea.  Last year the robins built a nest in the hydrangea branches.  The birdhouse is designed for chickadees or sparrows.  Soon, those leaves on the hydrangea will unfurl and the birdhouse will be more hidden.

The birdhouse attaches to the window with little suction cups.  It has a clear back, so you can see into the birdhouse from inside the people house!

There is a little mirrored surface that you attach to the window on the inside so that the birds can't see you watching them.  You can see it in the background of this picture.  It is my kitchen window, so I have some chicken-themed items on the window sill, as well as a little lavender plant that I bought a couple of weeks ago.  It is one of the fancy lavender plants that produces bracts on top of the flowers. I believe it is a Lavandula stoechas species, but the tag didn't specify anything when I bought it.  It is only good for zone 7 and up outside, which we are not, so if I decide to put it out for the summer, it will stay in a container and come back in for the winter.  Anyway, that's a bit unrelated to the window birdhouse!  If I do get any residents, you will definitely hear about it on the blog!


Anonymous said...

Yay, Spring has come to your area!! Happy for you:) That little cute bird has a long beak for it's size! Have a lovely weekend enjoying the sun (hopefully!)

Jim said...

Nice post, Claire. I like the see through bird house but it would make me feel creepy having those birds so close. I don't think I've seen a nuthatch before. They are an interesting looking little bird. Thank you.

Michelle said...

Love my window hummingbird feeder; a window birdhouse is even cooler! That glass rooster is pretty cool, too.

Tom said...

...Claire, I'm so glad to see that spring has sprung in your neck of the woods. ENJOY!

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

What a fabulous gift! I wish I'd had one of those when we lived in a house.
You've given me an idea for a friend's birthday!

Anonymous said...

I can see why you like those adorable little birds. That bird house is amazing! I can only imagine how much fun the cats would have watching the nest. Beautiful daffodils. They are some of my favorite flowers, and I seem to have lost all of mine to goats. Sigh... Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week.