Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bunday on Tuesday

This is most irregular!  Bunday posts should be done on Bunday.  The female hoomin bean (FHB) was away for the weekend.  She was visiting her parents.  We have decided that this is an acceptable reason for not providing us the means to publish our usual Bunday post.  Naturally, we were very busy all weekend because we had to supervise the male hoomin bean (MHB), since the FHB was not here to do it.

We also have been enjoying our new expanded shared area in the home office.  The FHB found out by doing some online research that bunnies who are recently bonded can't be given too much space too soon.  Sometimes I forget who Épinette Nutkin is, and I chase her, sort of by mistake.  The FHB learned that if she expands our area gradually, this is less likely to occur.

She went and bought a dog exercise pen. I know what you're thinking....doesn't the FHB know the difference between dogs and rabbits?  Some days I wonder.  But actually, it works rather well.  It is made of multiple folding panels that can be adjusted so she set it up to go in front of our shared crate.
Most of the time, now, I remember about Épinette Nutkin and I don't chase her.

The FHB says that when the grass starts to grow properly (it's still only just starting to grow here), she will take the exercise pen outside and let us play in the grass (supervised, of course).  She says she will put some netting over the top of the pen to make sure the hawks don't decide that we are breakfast.  Imagine!

Eventually, the FHB says we won't need the dog exercise pen anymore and she can let us run around all over the place like I used to run around before Épinette Nutkin came along.

In the meantime, we continue to snuggle together and cement our bond.  And keep each other's ears clean.

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porkpal said...

So glad Bunday hasn't been cancelled.