Sunday, July 16, 2017

Friday's Hunt v 4.02

I usually prefer to do my Friday's Hunt post on Friday, but we went to an estate auction on Friday evening and the rest of Friday was just too busy to get to it.  Yesterday was really busy as well.  So, it's Friday's Hunt on Sunday.

The prompts from Eden Hills this week are:  Starts with B, unbalanced, and door.

Starts with B
I joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) program for this year.  I pay an annual fee at the beginning of the year, and I get a vegetable "box" every week during the growing season.  It started at the beginning of July (our growing season is late because of our horrible winters and slow springs) and I have had 2 boxes so far.  I actually get to go to pick it up in town, and I can choose the items I want in my box.  The selection at this time of year includes some root crops that have overwintered, including carrots of all colours, and field beets.  What a BOUNTY of vegetables!  I am really pleased to have joined this program.  I hope it will lead to more healthy meals for us, with a bit less pasta on the menu, since it is a common meal here due to its speed and ease of preparation.

In this picture, which was the first box, there are beets, carrots, kale, spinach, cucumber and potatoes!

At the estate auction, which we primarily attended because there were some tools that Marc wanted, I bought these two lovely wooden planter boxes.  I liked the colours and they work well with the colours of our house.  In some ways, they are unbalanced.  First of all, they are two different colours. Secondly, if you look closely, you can see that the red one is made from wider boards than the green one.  So, they are not the same, but they make a nice pair of planters, and although I may not get around to planting anything in them for this year, they will be nice for planting in next spring.

You might have noticed that those planters are on the front doorstep, which is right in front of the main door of the house.  Oddly, this door is not the one we primarily use, in part because we do not have a key for it.  The former owner didn't have a key for it and had not had one for a long time apparently, if at all.  I love the cheerful red colour of our front door, and its glossy surface.  As you can see, the red planter box is in a similar colour family, so the two different colours still work well with our house colours.  At some point we'll have to get a new door handle and latch so that we have a key for the door again.


Bronwyn said...

Our door is almost the same color! I love a red door. The planters look nice and I like the different colors. We have a barrel on our porch and planted a small evergreen in the center. In the summer, I transplant a few cream and green vines around the base and by mid-July it's a pretty contrast. Plus the evergreen is nice all winter long!

Tom said...

...a veggie "B"onanza! Few people use their front door, we don't.

Jim said...

Nice "B" words, Claire. I love red beets, Mom used to can "pickled beets", they were the best. But her recipe died with her. I do like your planter boxes. We use our front door.

Gattina said...

Very nice interpretation of the words. Love the cat in front of the door !

Anonymous said...

That box of veggies looks amazing! How nice to be able to do that. The flower boxes are great. I would never have thought of them as being unbalanced. I would have guessed Mitten was unbalanced as the only cat. It's a pretty door. Hope you get a key for it soon. Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Patti said...

A friend joined a Co-op, sounds like the same program you have with the veggies. They do look fresh! I want to go to an estate sale someday. It seems we see the signs when we have somewhere else to be. I like your planters and door. And the kitty, of course!