Sunday, November 2, 2008

Little Goats Playpen

Today Kelly finished an expansion of the little goat pasture area. To the left is a picture of Opal (light coloured Nigerian dwarf) and Stuffin' (black pygmy). They had been more confined than we wanted up to this point, so we had figured out an area that they would easily move into and Kelly installed fence posts and fencing and then made two gates to make the access easy for us to get into the pasture area also. They were very excited at the new, larger area and explored it quickly, ravishing the new areas of dried weeds. I have never seen such a feast on dead vegetation! They also love the oak leaves that have blown into that area. It seems true, what they say about goats eating anything. One positive aspect to this is the great compost they provide me with afterwards!

Here is a picture of Opal trying to challenge the goats on the other side of the fence. She is a small goat with a big attitude! This is the preparatory move for a head-butting episode. She will often do this and never follow through on the head-butting part. It's more like she's a dancing goat!

We were very lucky to have such great weather this weekend. Even though we had a few frosts last week, we were outside in T-shirts and shorts this weekend. It was really warm in the sun and the day was fantastic for working outside. All the bulbs of the earlier post have now been planted, along with a peach tree, some daylilies, and some asiatic lilies as well. Not many weekends left like this, and soon enough the snow will fly. I can't wait to see goats frolicking in the snow!

Here's a picture of Opal in the foreground and Cookie in the middle, with Muffin behind her. Muffin is due to have babies on November 27. We are looking forward to that new adventure. There are six little goats in this pasture now - 2 young Nubians who might be mini Nubians (Cookie and Coffee), 3 pygmy goats (Puffin, Stuffin and Muffin), and 1 Nigerian dwarf (Opal).

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