Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not Today, said Muffin

Well, no baby goats appeared in our lives today. Muffin ran around with her usual abandon and didn't seem to show any signs. We felt her sides and checked her udder and teats but she isn't really showing any sign of anything, except for her well rounded sides, which could just be a sign of eating too much! We are not sure what to think. I tried to feel for kicking legs or any other sign of imminent new herd members, but no such luck. Maybe she is just teasing us. We bought her as having been bred, but perhaps it didn't take, or perhaps the person who sold her to us was not as honest as we would have liked.

No matter, we are happy to have Muffin with us and hope that she will have a long and happy life on our farm, babies or not!

Hope all my readers who celebrate US Thanksgiving had a great holiday, and I hope all my other readers had wonderful days too!

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