Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Secret Meeting of the Llama Minds

Meeting of the Llama Minds called to order. Minutes taken by Hazel.

Present: Hazel, Cabernet, Lilly
Meeting time: Wednesday, noon.

Cabernet called the meeting to order. Hazel and Cabernet welcomed Lilly, new member of the Secret Llama Intelligence Collection Enterprise (SLICE).

Lilly reported that a 2 legged creature with a small black box was in the vicinity and looking in their direction. Hazel and Cabernet assured Lilly that the 2 legged creature was entirely useless and didn't even have any fur, so how intelligent can it be? Lilly was reassured.

Hazel reported that there was an increase in small 2 legged creatures with feathers this week. It is unknown where these creatures are coming from. They appeared in small groups. Some were missing feathers. Reasons unknown but requires investigation. Cabernet reported having a short conference with a group of them but they were only interested in discussing food and something called "egz" but the significance of "egz" is unknown at this time. Hazel indicated that in her family's oral history tradition, there was mention of small creatures named ginneepigz that lived in the wild in her ancestral home. Committee has decided the small feathered creatures are ginneepigz, until further information shows otherwise. Hazel reported peeking into the ginneepig house and she saw a ginneepig making a lot of noise and then leaving behind a mysterious brown oval object. Later, the 2 legged furless creature came and stole the object. Conspiracy possible. Further investigation needed. Photographic evidence of ginneepigz provided here for consideration.

Lilly brings new intelligence from the distant parts of the world. She endured a long travelling session in a white box with wheels on it. Noisy and distressing, and many large other boxes were moving past her quickly. Suggested a mass migration of some kind. Reason unknown. It was raining during her journey and she is unsure of details due to the stressful situation.

Lilly reports the existence of other small llama like creatures where she came from, but they do not smell like proper llamas. They are shades of brown and white but do not look quite like the smaller llama like creatures at this location. But they do smell the same. Possibly related.

Discussion of the 2 legged creatures possibly coming to remove fur in future, and how to best deter them from this practice. Cabernet suggests that the humans are stealing the fur to try and figure out how to grow their own. Serious breach of security. Must be stopped. Hazel suggests spitting on 2 legged creatures and generally behaving in a rowdy manner. 2-legged creatures are weak. Lilly says not all 2 legged creatures are weak because two of them managed to get her into the white box for her journey. Committee to discuss other means of deterrence at next meeting.

Lilly inquired about the dining options at this location. Cabernet and Hazel assured her of the good grazing and excellent hay provided. Hazel pointed out the 2 legged creatures bring the hay. Cabernet laughed and said this was simply a ploy to try and learn more about SLICE.

Lilly also inquired about the new creatures with less fur and some with horns. Hazel advised that they are called "gotes" by the 2 legged creatures. Cabernet said the gotes need to be herded because they are generally stupid and like to let the humans pet their heads. Lilly indicated her amazement at their behavior.

Action Items: Investigate 2 legged creatures and relationships with ginneepigz. Try to find a ginneepig who is willing to be an informant. Offer llama-back rides as incentive. Watch gotes carefully for evidence of conspiracy. Convince 2 legged creatures to acquire more llamas.

Meeting adjourned by Lilly, who was just too excited about joining SLICE and had to go visit the llama latrine.

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