Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Signs of Spring!

Diane of Loess is More came to town yesterday, and we had a fabby time! We had a proper midwestern BBQ lunch at Jethro's, and then went to see some cool roadside artwork that she had found, just outside of Granger, Iowa. Of course, we had to end up at the farm, because everybody has to meet Luna! Diane is a professional photographer and she took an absolute ton of photos, and I know there will be more, but for now, I will just show one of my favorites so far. This is Tulip, our goat from the Animal Rescue League. She looks a hundred times better than when we first got her. Diane is such a super photographer - she really caught the feeling of the place and the animals. I can't wait to see more shots.

Since Diane had inspired me with her photography, I decided to do a bit of my own. Spring is bursting out all over Whispering Acres. I went for a little walkabout to see what I could see that told me spring is on our doorstep. Here are a few of the things I found!

Here's a gooseberry bush, just starting to break bud. I hope we don't get any more hard freezes!

This is a blackcurrant shrub, also starting to leaf out.

My variegated willow is furthest along, I think. I love the tiny pink tips!

This is a lilac that gets afternoon sun - definitely ready to put on a show!

My hens-and-chicks (sempervivum) plants are fattening up and looking healthy. I love to see those patches of green coming through the leaf litter.

See that little pink nubbin on the branch below?! That's my William Baffin rose! I can't wait to see those flowers again.

The sedum is going strong and really greening up too!

Here's an achillea - green fronds just breaking through the old growth. I really need to do a bit of garden clean-up!

Crocuses are blooming like little purple flames in groups all around the south side of the house. I'm so glad I took the time to plant all those bulbs!

I do believe these are daffodils. They are growing by inches every day!

I have no clue what this is. I did plant a lot of bulbs in the fall, so I do believe it's a bulb. I think it's warm because it is right by the foundation. This is a spot the chickens like to sun themselves. See the feathers lying about?!

More crocus, mixed in with other green sprouts of some sort...
A pair of meadowlarks in the tree - their songs are so beautiful! I've also seen the robins, the red wing blackbirds, and the wild ducks are coming back as well. I hope this pair decides that they like my yard enough to stay!

How is spring in your part of the world? (or are you heading into fall?)


d/iowa said...

yay! i inspired you!
i still have to go through the pics- i hope to get through them all this weekend! thanks again i had a great time!
ps- you said 'nubbin' heh heh

Mom L said...

I can barely wait to see as many pictures as you two will post about your day together. Claire, your spring budding pics are lovely! We've had spring a couple of weeks now in Atlanta - I've got jonquils in bloom, and dogwoods and Bradford pears are blooming all over town. I love Spring in Atlanta, especially the dogwoods, azaleas, forsythia, etc., but I'm anxious to see Spring in Iowa.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Beautiful shot of the meadowlarks! I miss them from my years in the Midwest; they don't live out here. But we do have varied thrushes, who have a beautiful song.

JLB said...

Spring?? What's that?? Ohh wait...maybe it is spring here but it just never gets green. *pout* It's not fair why do I have to live in BROWN wyo? (ohh wait...I have mountains nearby...) Okay I'm good! Good pics :) Glad it's so nice there.

Ishtar said...

The pictures were beautiful but my favourite one was the first! I found it stunning, actually! The goats with the light - ah.......
Warmest greetings from West Africa!

Lola Nova said...

Now you have inspired me. Now if it will only stop raining I could go out and take some snaps of Spring evidenced here.
Lovely photos.

Mare said...

WooHoo! We have some of those same signs here too! I noticed the little green things poking up thru the cold earth, and the buds on the trees are swelling. We have loads of robins too! YAY!!!!

Chickenista said...

Ooh my favorite time of year!! Spring has done sprung for a while here it seems. We've already started the ac going. New leaves bright green on trees. I love it.
Great pics, I love your goats!!

Flartus said...

Yay for spring!! We're several weeks ahead of you here, but I'm still going through the "Oh, look what's coming up here!" phase.

I think the green stuff coming up with the crocuses are Asiatic lilies. And I'm jealous of your lilacs; my favorite springtime flower! I don't know if there are fragrant varieties that will grow this far south.