Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday's Hunt v 3.09

It's time for Friday's Hunt - that little portion of my day when I get to be creative!  I need more time for creativity at the moment, but it's not easy to find it with my current work schedule.  At least I managed to get outside and take a few pictures today.

Our prompts from Eden Hills today are:  Starts with I, Week's Favourite, and Nose.

Starts with I
Today I went outside to give a grain treat to my sheep, Tucker and Twilight, and my goat, Lucky Nickel.  The sheep eat together out of the same dish.  Lucky Nickel is bossy and pushy so she gets her own dish.  She inhales her food, and then wants to go and steal the sheeps' portion.  I have to stand there being a 'referee' of sorts, preventing her from getting to their dish.  This results in one very annoyed goat, and the best word I can think of for this expression is Indignant!  Look at those eyes! 

She is sooooo annoyed at me for not letting her take their food!  She thinks it is rightfully hers.

Fortunately, the sheep are allowed to finish their treat in peace, thanks to my Intervention.

Week's Favourite
My week's favourite actually comes from last weekend.  Marc and I attended a basket-weaving class at Legacy Lane Fibre Mill in Sussex, NB.  We each made a small woven basket that is ideal for a desktop pen and pencil basket or for other small items.  We had a lot of fun learning the techniques and enjoying doing something different.  Here are our finished baskets.

Rabbits have very cute noses.  Pippin has a fine example of a cute nose.  I've noticed that his whiskers are very short - most rabbits have whiskers like cats - lots of long ones!  I thought, when we first got Pippin from the SPCA, that they had been trimmed or damaged.  However, I noticed over time that they hadn't really grown, so I was motivated to look up the potential reasons for short rabbit whiskers.

Lo and behold, I learned that the rex breed of rabbit has short and/or curly whiskers, and sometimes barely any at all.  I had suspected from Pippin's fur type that he was at least partially a rex breed, and now this is further confirmation that he is a rex rabbit.  I also learned something new about rabbits, so it was a very worthwhile investigation.  Pippin says he likes his whiskers just fine, thanks!


porkpal said...

I think I can detect that Lucky Nickle is also wrinkling her NOSE at you in disapproval.

Tom said...

...I once tried to make a basket once, what a disaster that was!

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Nice job on the baskets...I remember trying this skill a long time ago and failed miserably, so took up knitting instead. Knitting and crocheting both were wonderful hobbies, until my up close vision went wonkers. SO now I admire from afar. Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Guess you know your sheep better than I do:) Still looks some kind of smile:) Do you shear her for wool (forget if you knit or not). Love the handmade baskets. In hubby's family someone made a living with making baskets. A great series!

Margaret Adamson said...

Well Pippin is a cutie and those are lovely shots of him. Love the baskets, well done for making those.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Nickel is such a diva goat! Love her. The baskets are adorable. It would be fun to do a class like that. Pippin has an adorable nose, and that is quite interesting about the whiskers. Thanks for joining in with Friday's Hunt!

Anonymous said...

Lucky Nickel is a beauty! Love her coat. Wow! Great job on the baskets, I never would have guessed you'd just learned how to weave them. Pretty sheep! Pippin is delighted he doesn't have to shave every day. Bunny fur is the best, he looks like velvet.