Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bunday Blog Business

Oh!  You caught me right in the middle of a nap!  Just give me a moment to stretch, yawn, and get my thoughts in order.

Right, well, it's Bunday again.  The best day of the week, naturally.  You know that I am a careful and dedicated auditor of all things in the house.  It's part of my job as a house bunny.  Today, much to the hoomin bean's surprise, I decided to audit the guinea pig cage, but from a new vantage point.

Yes, I just jumped right on top of it.  From the floor.  Because I am a rabbit of great skill and acrobatic talent.

Hey!  Are you looking at my bum?!  I said it was Bunday, not Bumday!

I did some checking of the overall layout.

Then, because I am a bun of great dramatic talent, I decided to pose like one of those book-ends that the hoomin bean has on her shelf - see them between the green bottles? They aren't holding any books right now because she is disorganized and lazy and hasn't got all her books set up properly yet. She'll say it is because she is too busy, but I have seen her taking time to do things like eat and sleep, so clearly she could be spending more time on her books.  Anyway, I posed...artfully.

All good things must come to an end, so I got down from the cage to continue my day of auditing and other important business that I can't possibly begin to tell you about because it's highly classified.  The guinea pigs were fine.  The cage passed the audit.  

The hoomin bean had some friends come over earlier this week to spin yarn in the living room.  Naturally, I was required to supervise their activities.  You can't just leave a group of hoomin beans alone in the living room.  My primary obsession area of supervision was in the auditing of the treats being offered.  I needed to make sure they were up to standard. They were.  

I also had to inspect the hoomin bean's new Hygge crochet shawl kit.  It also passed the audit, but she has not started it yet.  I disapprove of this continued idleness.

I've been very busy, as you can see.  So for now, it's back to my spot in the sun to relax and reflect upon my magnificence.  

Have a bountiful Bunday, and keep your ears clean.  


porkpal said...

Such an interesting and curious rabbit!

Michelle said...

Is it only my imagination, or could you add tusks to that last photo and have a passable walrus? ;-)

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Love your bunny! A busy Bunny, he really does get around and inspect everything

porkpal said...

I love the walrus image.