Monday, July 4, 2016

A New Bird

I saw a new bird today and it was kind enough to let me get close enough to take a few decent pictures.  They're not great pictures, but they'll do!

This is a yellow-rumped warbler, identified with the help of my new bird ID guide.  In the past, this bird was divided into two species - the myrtle warbler in the East, and Audubon's warbler in the West - however, they have been merged into a single species now, with two forms.  My bird is obviously the form prevalent in the East.

It isn't a rare bird, but I was glad to see it anyway!  I also saw some black-capped chickadees that were tolerant of my presence.  Here's one at the feeder.
This one flew with its seed to the branch above my head - I guess he wanted a picture taken of his lovely belly.  Haha!

After eating my lunch on the garden bench outside on my deck, I lay back on the bench for a few minutes to absorb some sunshine and breathe the spruce-scented air.  The hummingbird feeder is hung from the eaves just beside the garden bench, so from my eyes to the feeder was a distance of about 6 or 7 feet.  Sure enough, the hummingbirds came along and fed a few times while I was relaxing - so exciting to see them up close.  I didn't take any pictures, but you can just imagine the whirring of their busy wings.  They are quite bold and didn't mind me being there.

I made bread this afternoon (it was started yesterday) using the artisan no-knead bread I posted about previously.  Here's today's loaf, which had rosemary, thyme and oregano added to it.  It went very nicely with some slow-cooker chicken paprikash I made for supper.

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Anonymous said...

I can't imagine doing a no-knead bread. That's my favorite part of making bread, but that does look good. I'm going to try a rye and maybe a multi-grain loaf for this week's market. I would love to find time to put my bird feeders back up in the yard now that it is finally free from goats!