Monday, July 18, 2016

More birds and flowers

Things have been blooming nicely in the perennial garden beds here.  The Stella d'oro daylilies are in full bloom and looking absolutely stunning with their burst of golden yellow.  I couldn't resist some close up shots of their delectable blossoms.  They almost look like they're made from butter.

Here you can see the pollen on the anthers just waiting to be gathered by bees.

The Astilbes are flowering now - both white and pink, although the white is further ahead than the pink.  They are both very airy and light, and the flower fronds gently move in the breeze making a beautiful display.

The flowers are so delicate.

I also have a sumac that is starting to bloom.  The flower buds look like tiny snowballs.

They open into a frothy mass of tiny white blossoms that kind of look like little exploding stars.

Meanwhile, the birds have been enjoying the seed at the feeders.  My bird pictures still aren't great because of the distance I need to maintain, but I managed to get a decent picture of a blue jay on the stump eating seeds I had placed there.

The nuthatches are regular visitors to the house-shaped feeder.

This one even did an inspection of the structural integrity of the floor boards!

Inspection complete, a seed was selected...

...and off he went to eat his snack.

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Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Always enjoy your post and pictures of your flowers and birds! Beautiful!