Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Trials of Photographing a Chipmunk

I went for my stroll today armed with my camera and binoculars, looking for new birds.  I didn't see any birds of note, but I did see the chipmunk, and I thought that some photographs should be taken. What was I thinking?  The chipmunk is quite possibly the inspiration for the entire phenomenon known as the ninja.

It has the ability to change positions without you noticing where it has gone, disappearing in the blink of an eye and reappearing in an entirely different location.  Indeed, many of my pictures reveal it as the ultimate stealth machine.

"I am too fast for you, silly human!"

"I am the pancake in your shall not see me..."

...but I see you."

It also has the ability to position itself in any direction, clinging to a tree trunk (and possibly a blade of grass) facing up, down, sideways, or any variation of these.  Furthermore, it has the ability to hurl torrents of verbal abuse, making up for its lack of tiny throwing-stars, although it might have some of those too.  I do believe, while I was floundering around on my stomach in the grass, trying to snap a good shot, that the chipmunk said "You look like a hippo trying to hide under a leaf, you idiotic human."  Then it laughed when the ants started biting me.

"I defy your little black box of pictures!"

Eventually though, after some bad words directed at ants, mosquitoes, deer flies, and the chipmunk itself, my patience and tolerance for abuse began to pay off.

"Poor human, I will grant you a boon while I pack seeds into my cheeks."

"Although, I shall repeatedly hide behind clover to vex you."

"Seriously lady, you have a cat!  What do you expect from me?!"

"Look, one good picture, and that's it.  I've had quite enough for today!  Go back in your house and leave me alone to stuff my cheeks"


Michelle said...

Love it! And to think you endured all those bugs just for US! ;-)

12Paws said...

Delightful story in pictures! What a cheeky little critter!