Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday's Hunt

Today I am participating in Eden Hills' Friday's Hunt.  The prompts for this week are "Starts with C," "Week's Favourite" and "Unique Perspective."

Starts with C
This is a picture of Cornus canadensis.  (double c credit there!) The common name for this plant varies tremendously, depending upon the region and even the country.  This plant is native to parts of North America, but also native to Greenland and parts of eastern Asia, including Japan, China and parts of Russia.  Locally, the most frequently used common name I am aware of is bunchberry.  It is a dogwood species, and some places call it creeping dogwood.  It was a carpet of little white flowers in early June, and now the berries are just turning red.  It's a pretty woodland plant and I have a lot of it in my wooded areas.

Week's Favourite
I think some of my favourite pictures this week were the chipmunk photographs that I blogged about a few days ago.  However, I am just so excited about the subject of this picture, that it just has to be my week's favourite.  A day or two and this little gem will have mysteriously disappeared, into my mouth!  First ripe tomato (this is a Burpee "power pop" cherry tomato) of 2016.  Hopefully there will be many more!

Unique Perspective
I had a lot of fun playing around with the "unique perspective" prompt for today. I wasn't sure about the best way to showcase "unique perspective" in photographs.  I decided that my interpretation of the prompt was to take pictures from angles or directions that we might not normally use.  With that as my starting point, I went walking around the yard looking for opportunities.  I know I've shared too many of my resulting images, but I really had fun seeking out new perspectives.

This is probably my favourite picture of those that I took.  It's a macro shot of sphagnum moss growing in my yard, except that at this close distance, it kind of looks like miniature palm trees of some kind.  I felt like this gave me a bug's eye view of the vegetation.

I really liked this shot looking up a pair of lichen-covered tree trunks.  It almost looked like the tree trunks were the legs of some giant creature, gently crossed at the knees.

This is a shot looking along a split tree root at ground level.  The split is filled with forest "decorations" including seed pods, pine and spruce needles, moss, lichen, leaves, and other bits of vegetation.

I took a picture of the lichen and moss growing on the rock that I call my "thinking rock." Sometimes I go sit on this rock for a while to think and meditate.  I like the way life is growing on stone.

This is the perspective from the inside of my vine arbour.  Usually I'm looking at it from the outside,but instead, I went inside and looked out.  I love the way the vine makes its own little viewing panels.

Here's a unique perspective that you would only get if you were me!  I took a picture of my reflection in the window of Marc's workshop.

This is a view across the top of an old, rotting stump.  I love the new growth here of the moss and lichen - it's like a tiny forest playground for a tiny bug.  I also love the range of colours - greens, browns and golds in so many shades.

I realized that the stump was next to a tall tree, and probably was once a similar tree before being cut. That made me think about the view that the stump "sees" when it is next to its neighbour tree.  That's my last picture to share for unique perspectives today!


Gayle venturesinphotos said...

Now you did it. Going forward you will see unique perspectives popping up everywhere. I love the ones you captured this week.

Tony McGurk said...

Mmmm... Fresh tomatoes. Your unigue perspective shotas are all great but I love the one of the top of the old stump the most.

Anonymous said...

Fun perspectives through your lens. That tomato looks tempting! How pretty it must be with so much of your "Starts with C" loaded with red berries.

Tom said...

GREAT shots! Cornus canadensis is indeed a twofer. Have a wonderful weekend.

Jim said...

Hi Claire, like the two trees, close together, looking up at them for perspective. Nice. Did you go out in the woods to take all these or are they like in your back yard?

Veralynne Malone said...

Totally awesome! I love your perspective shots!!! And I love cherry tomatoes...which I could get home grown in FL...Great post!

Gattina said...

Very nice interpretations of the words !

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I think of lots of fairies hanging about when I look at your perspective shots. With all that green it must feel so refreshing. Those tree trunks do look like legs. And, your "palm tree" photos had me thinking of dinosaurs wandering around beneath them. :-)

Anonymous said...

I just love this! The flower is pretty. Tomatoes are wonderful. I'm jealous. Mine aren't that far along yet. All those unique perspective images are great. Very philosophical too. I also have a thinking rock that I enjoy sitting on out in my pasture. I love that you are blogging again! You look so happy! Thank you so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!