Monday, July 11, 2016

Progress on the Porch

It has been unseasonably cold and rather gloomy for the past week, with regular rain, heavy grey skies, clinging drizzly mist, and all-around non-July weather.  For that reason, I was extra pleased to see the sun come out this afternoon.  The skies aren't clear blue and cloudless, but at least there are patches of sun.  It inspired me to get a little bit of work done on the screened-in porch, which is part of our deck.

I finally purchased some tiles to use for the table, and I think they look quite stylish now that I've arranged them in a pleasing format.  I expected more of the tiles to have the rusty-brown shade in the middle one, so I was a little bit disappointed as I went through the box, but overall I'm still happy with the look.  I need to get some black touch-up paint for a little nick on the table edge, but otherwise, it looks good.

I also hung some rabbit-themed artwork on the wall of the porch - I've had these pieces for years but haven't been able to display them until now.  These pieces are stonework or resin and not subject to weather-related damage, so they'll stay out until the cold comes and then I'll bring them in for the winter.  I'll probably collect a few more pieces to hang with these over time. I might even have one or two more that haven't been unpacked yet.

I also have a few pieces of rabbit-themed statuary around the garden.  There's a pair of rabbits to greet visitors, just by the front door.

There's a stone rabbit watching over my container tomatoes (which are doing really well with all that rain, but they need some heat now!).  We've had daytime high temperatures of only about 14-15 C the past week (that's 57 to 59 F) - not normal for this time of year.

There's also a rabbit keeping an eye on my clothespin basket.

I found my tea-light lantern with a dragonfly on it which will make a nice table decoration for when we eat supper outside.

Looking forward to some relaxing evenings on the porch without being eaten by mosquitoes!  (by the way, the little tapestry-covered stool is my useful boost for taking pictures of moths that are high on the wall.  I'll have to do a moth post soon!)


Patty Woodland said...

It looks lovely. I'm sure you are thrilled to be settling in

Anonymous said...

It looks good! I'm so glad you have found such a nice place to make your home.

Lin said...

Ooooh, I LOVE that screened in porch! And you are making it so inviting with all of your little touches. Sweet new place!

Texan said...

I have been missing from blogland for a bit. Its nice to come back and find that you have a new lovely home and engaged no less :o). Best of wishes to you lovely lady! I love your rabbit pieces. :O)

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

What a beautiful place you have! Love the screened in room!