Thursday, July 14, 2016

Skies Above

After the cool grey skies we had recently, I'm really enjoying the clear blue sky today and yesterday. I took some pictures when the weather was a bit dreary, playing around with different angles, and some of them featured the sky.  I was trying to capture what it might be like to be a bird, or a small mammal, looking up at the sky from under plants and trees.  This is a picture taken from underneath the umbel of my climbing hydrangea - on a grey day, obviously.

I took the same shot under the same umbel today.  What a difference!

Likewise, I took a picture of the grey skies from under the maple tree.

I prefer today's view!

I also pretended to be a chipmunk under a fern, and thought about the view of the sky.  I thought this was a rather lovely shot at the time.

This one really lets the fern detail shine.

Today, a glorious blue sky is all around....not a cloud to be seen.

The view through the Virginia creeper over the arbour was lovely.

The view from underneath the honey locust tree was very appealing.

I also took a picture looking up at the sky from under the Lysimachia bloom - I really like this one. You can see edge of the house-shaped bird feeder from below, in the lower right corner.  It was interesting to spend time looking from the ground up, instead of the other way around.

I'm hoping for some more pretty sunsets in the skies over the tops of the tall spruce in the backyard, like this one from late last week.


porkpal said...

What an artistic display! The blue sky is lovely, but I think I like the grey day shots best; they look like old black and white photography.

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Love the pictures, beautiful!

12Paws said...

Thanks for sharing these gems--love especially your last shot.