Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bunday Blog Business

Pippin here!  I am the home auditor and inspector and in general, I organize everything that happens here.  Today is Bunday.  Naturally, that makes it my most important day of the week.  Sometimes the hoomin (who usually writes this blog) says it wrong - she makes it sound like Sunday.  She probably has something stuck in her teeth.  Everybody knows it is Bunday.

On Bundays, I conduct important business.  Naturally, because I am very important here, I have a lot of business to conduct. All of it is important business, but Bundays are for the most important business of all.  It is the day that I share my wisdom with you.  You do not even have to pay for my wisdom.  If you need wisdom on a certain topic, you can put your paw up and ask a question, and I might help you in a future Bunday Blog Business post.

Today, we consider the age-old the hay box half full or half empty?  Naturally, you should conduct a full audit of your hay box on a regular basis.  Note my correct technique.
However, my dear buns (and hoomin beans, if you have hay boxes)...let me tell you, this is the wrong question.  If there is hay in the box, regardless of how much, it is there to be eaten.

Sometimes, you may find yourself being under the hay.

Sometimes, the hay might follow you out of the box.
Do not be alarmed.  This is a snack for later.  It is good to have your hay liberally spread around, for emergencies and other times when you just need a good piece of hay.

Here are some better questions:

  • If a hay bale has 89,752 pieces of hay in it, and the wind is blowing at 33 kilometres an hour, and the temperature is just above freezing, what colour is the sky?
  • If I eat hay, and make good poop, and then the poop fertilizes more hay, will the new hay be even better than the original hay that I ate?

These are things to contemplate while you are in your hay box (but not while you are conducting your audit, because then you need to be properly focused on the task at paw.)

Until next time, stay wise, and keep your ears clean.
This blog post is authorized under section 17.2(b), paragraph 5, of the House Rabbit Duties Manual. I, Pippin, approve of this post.


Jean said...

It doesn't matter if the hay box is half full or half empty -- what matters is there is always room for more hay!

porkpal said...

Pippin the Bunday blogger - hooray for hay!