Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bunday Blog Business

It's me, Pippin, back for the most important day of the week, of course.  Bunday.  This has been a busy week around the house.  Sometimes the hoomin beans don't take time to stop and smell the compost.  This week, the lady hoomin bean went shopping and she brought home some most excellent celery and kale.  Of course, it is my job to check the shopping bags to ensure that there is nothing left in there.

We wouldn't want to waste anything.

After my shopping bag audit, naturally I must do a follow-up audit in the kitchen to make sure everything has been put away properly.

Hmmm....yes, I think I may have to do a closer inspection of those dried cherries.

All that auditing and inspecting can be exhausting, so then I go for a good rest.  Resting allows me to meditate upon my grand plans of building a vegetable farm in the home office.  I still have some work to do on the technology that will make the farm invisible to the hoomin beans.  They do not think a vegetable farm is an appropriate thing to have in their home office.  Such small brains...

Until next Bunday, keep your ears clean!

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Michelle said...

Love that Bun bun in the last photo!