Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday's Hunt, v 3.06

Friday is upon us once again, and our prompts from Eden Hills are, Starts with F, Week's Favourite, and Heart.

Starts with F
I love to feed the birds in winter!  I have several tube feeders, but not all birds like to feed at those. I had some evening grosbeaks come to visit and they had trouble standing on the small perches on my tube feeders.  I also have a suet feeder, pictured below, which is great for some species including the woodpeckers and nuthatches, and even the black-capped chickadees use it sometimes.

Marc made me a new feeder recently!  I asked him if he could make me a tray feeder for some of the other birds who don't like the tube feeders.  He cleverly made it from some scrap wood that was part of the packaging of our dishwasher that we installed when we moved in. The bottom is a scrap piece of window screen.

So far, it is mostly in use by the squirrels (no surprise there!)

I haven't seen the grosbeaks again (yet) but I am hopeful they will come back.  I hope it will also attract other species throughout the year.  It hangs from the post where the bird bath is installed.

Week's Favourite
Marc was having some one-on-one time with Pippin today, and Pippin climbed into his zippered sweatshirt.  I love this picture I took of Pippin peeking out and Marc looking down at him.  They make a cute pair!

We had a big snowfall last night, and we're expecting more in the coming few days.  My arm has been giving me trouble lately - I have ulnar nerve issues.  I'm also extremely busy with work contracts.  I am so grateful to Marc for snow-blowing our driveway, cleaning off the cars, and also cleaning off the sheep and goat hoop-hut.  My arm was not up to helping today.  For that, and many other reasons, I love him with all my HEART!


KathyB. said...

Your bird bath mounted on a higher pole is a wonderful idea, might be copying it soon.We have a feeder like the one your husband built in our dove pen. The doves prefer those types of feeders. This cold snowy weather sure brings out the hungry birds and we also enjoy bird feeding stations. They add so much entertainment to our lives, all for the price of birdfeed.

That is a cute picture of your husband with Pippin. I love to see examples of loving couples helping each other ! ( and cuddling bunnies too )

Jim said...

That's a really good picture of Marc playing in the snow with his snow blower. We very likely won't be getting any snow this winter. It was back in the 2000's decade the last little snow we had. You are nice to your birds. We don't feed ours. I did see one coming back for some water the other day.

Tom said...

...porr Marc looks like a snowman...what a guy!

Margaret Adamson said...

what a lovely post an a very cute photo of Marc with Mr Buuny. Boy that is a lot of snow to sgift abd you are fortunate to have someone who has stolen your HEART. Have a lovel.y weekend

Anonymous said...

Great to have a helping hand, if your arm does not want to cooperate:):) Phew, you are still in the snow ...stay warm:)

Michelle said...

I love all your Friday's Hunt posts, but this one is the best so far!

Anonymous said...

Your birds are very lucky to have you feeding them. And the squirrel! Love the squirrel! Pippin is just adorable. Love his color. Nice to have Marc there to do the snow removal. Sorry you're having such a huge amount dumped all at once. We are the opposite--mostly rain this winter. Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!