Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday's Hunt v 3.05

Goodness me, where do the days go?  It's time for Friday's Hunt, already!  Teresa at Eden Hills has given us the prompts for this week, and they are:  Starts with E, Week's Favourite, and Personal.

Starts with E:  EARS!
We have quite a few pets, and all of them have Ears!  Nature has accommodated each animal by providing them with ears that suit their needs.

Mitten the cat has lovely triangle-shaped ears that are very sensitive to tiny sounds.  He's a bit of a born hunter, although not inside our house.  You can see the fine hairs that sweep across the inside of his ear, preventing dust and debris from entering the ear.  Unfortunately, I think Mitten is giving me the evil eye in this picture, since he does not look impressed at my efforts in ear photography.

Pippin's ears are wonderfully large and covered in his soft fur.  Rabbits need big ears because they are very low down on the "prey" totem pole, and they need every advantage they can get to escape their predators.  Those ears are specially designed to hear the slightest sound, and they swivel independently to let him hear what's going on in different directions.  He has an old injury that makes a little indentation on the edge of his right ear.  That happened to him long before he came to us from the SPCA, so we don't know what caused it.

Toffee and Rolo, on the other hand, have ears that are almost hidden under their fur.  Rolo has black ears, and Toffee has pink ears.  Toffee's ears also waggle when he makes his characteristics guinea pig whistling noises.  It's quite amusing, but I have yet to capture it on video.  Their ears are also very sensitive to sounds because they seem to differentiate between Marc's footsteps and mine, since they know I'm the one who usually brings the morning treats from the refrigerator.  They squeak a lot when I come downstairs in the morning.

Week's Favourite
I hang a formed, bird seed "bell" from under my suet feeder.  The birds enjoy it, and sometimes the squirrels do as well.  This week, one of the squirrels nibbled away at the bell form until the bottom fell off.

 It was on the ground under the feeder.  I happened to be watching when he (or she) tried to carry away the large bottom portion, and I took a video, so this week's favourite is a video!

He eventually took it under some wood, where I could no longer see it.  I think he's a very lucky squirrel!

I wasn't sure what to do for "personal" this week.  If it's personal, it's probably something I don't want to share on my blog!  In the end, I decided to share my personal workspace.  This is the place I write my blogs, but also the place I spend most of the hours of my day - it's where I work, it's where I play, and where I eat most of my meals.

As you can see, I have two large monitors and a large microphone, since I often do dictation instead of typing (to save my wrists, since I am prone to ulnar nerve problems in my left arm).  I also have an ergonomic keyboard for that reason.  You'll also see, if you look closely, my magnifier glasses for tiny print, my highlighters (very important for highlighting things on technical drawings), the phone, a knitting daily calendar, the rabbit wall calendar, and a lovely wooden turned container under my monitor, where I keep spare change.  Of know my Dad made it!

I keep this little quote stuck to my current file bin, since I am very fond of the sentiment.

This is my view from my desk - I can see my feeders and bird bath outside.  You can also see my knitting couch where I retire for some relaxation after a long day of work!  The knitting bags are hung with different projects on the door knob to the closet in the corner - the closet isn't really a closet - it's just where the Selkirk pipe from the wood stove goes up.  If the room is cold, I open the closet door to let more of the heat disperse into the room.

The little bookshelf beside my desk has all my field guides - birds, flowers, mushrooms, trees, insects...I'm a nature kind of gal!  The mammals guide is on my desk under the binoculars on the corner (which you can see in the picture above).  I was using it this week.

My screen saver is a constant slide show of pictures I like.  Here you can also see, if you look on the far left, that I have some items on top of my computer tower.  In the picture below, you can just see the lathe-turned pear that my father made me from cocobolo wood.  There's a little stoneware sheep, and also a lovely sheep card from my mother.  So, even though it is my workspace, it's very personal - full of sheep, bunnies, yarn-related items, and other personal touches.  You might wonder why I have those odd blocks of wood between the top of the desk and the drawers/cupboard underneath. The truth is, I've had this desk since I was about 12 years old, and I needed it to be taller for ergonomic reasons.  Marc made the risers that lift the desktop height.  Maybe someday I'll get a new desk, but until then, this is my space!


Michelle said...

Love the whole post!

Margaret Adamson said...

I love the whole post. I love seeing the bell shaped feeder for the birds but there is no video. Was hoping to see the Squirrel in that. I love to seeing your workplace and all the things that you have in it very interesting. I hope you have a wonderful weekend

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

What a great work space, thanks for sharing.

Tom said...

Claire, I see that you live in a zoo! It's nice that some birds make it to your squirrel feeder. Stay warm and I be bacvk next week.

Anonymous said...

Ears - I would never thought of that - your Mitten is so pretty! For Personal you gave us plenty!! Love the big photo of the yarn! It's photos like these that get me to the next knitting project (it's probably the colors that draw me in!) Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend!

porkpal said...

E for ears, pretty clever! The squirrel video was really cute, I was cheering him on.

Jim said...

Thank you, Claire!! Such a WONDERFUL post. I loved the squirrel YouTube video,I loved the "E" EAR look-see's, and your work place explanation. They are all wonderful, all of them! And I learned about rabbits, I sure didn't know that they could point their ears independently. Toffee and Rolo are inside pets I guess because something wild would eat them.

Anonymous said...

What a fun look at all the little (and long) ears! So sweet that the piggies know the difference between you and Marc. That is one very lucky squirrel! You have a beautiful work space. I should really clean my library/office/storage out and make it a better space. Maybe someday. Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Mitten probably wonders why you focus on his ears when he has such beautiful eyes! Bunny ears are a favorite of mine, and I do love guinea pigs! Those are the cutest squeaks when they know food is on the way. I have several of the same field guides on my shelf. I can't believe Warblers have their own book! Well, yes, I can. Enjoyed seeing your work area and knitting couch. How nice to have your very own space.