Saturday, August 6, 2016

After the Rain

We had a significant thunderstorm on Thursday, which is unusual around here.  The thunder didn't last very long, but it was loud!  The rain was just torrential, and we really, really needed it.  After the rain ended, I went outside with the camera to see if I could see anything worth photographing. Everything seemed shiny and sparkling after the rain.

The pine needles had little drops of water hanging on them, like sparkling decorations

I began to notice that some leaves were completely wet, and even pooling with water...

...while other leaves had beads of water on them, and the remaining leaf surface was essentially dry.

Leaves have a waxy coating on them that is called a cuticle.  I'm not sure if some leaves just have a heavier cuticle than others, or maybe some have a cuticle with a different composition.  Maybe the cuticle diminishes over time.  I'd have to ask a leaf expert!

I also spotted this lovely rosebud with water droplets on it.  I thought it was worth a picture!


porkpal said...

Refreshing! The pine needles are especially lovely with their droplet gems.

Michelle said...

Beautiful shots of rain-kissed blessings!