Thursday, August 18, 2016

I'm finally a shepherdess again!

After 2 years and 8 months of having my 2 sheep being cared for by others, they have finally come home.  I'm so pleased to have Tucker and Twilight back with me again!

I just love those woolly faces!

After putting in the fencing here at the new house, I was hoping to get the electric wires up as well, before they came home, but NB Power is taking a long time to install the necessary new connection to the outbuilding.  My friend who was caring for them really needs the space for her alpaca crias and my sheep were being hard on her fences too.  It was time for them to come back.  I really hope that they don't try any funny escape business before we can get those wires connected!

I managed to get a couple of welded wire panels, which are rare around here, to set up a temporary shelter for the sheep, and for their hay, until the barn can be put into place.  It's not perfect, but it gives them a dry spot to hang out in the rain, and keeps the hay dry, too.  It rained much of yesterday and they didn't seem to mind being in the rain, so their fleeces are still pretty damp today.

They have a fairly heavily forested area for their "pasture" now, so they will need hay all year round.  It's possible that once the goats come back (which will be soon), the trees may be affected, since goats like to strip bark.  Even Tucker seems to be sampling the bark!

Over time, some trees may be removed and that may add to the sunshine in the area, resulting in more grass growing there, but for now, it's just moss and some woodland plants.  I think they're settling in to their new woodsy environment.


Split Rock Ranch said...

Yippee for the sheep and for you!!!!! So happy for all of you.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see them back with you! Can't wait to see the goats too.