Monday, August 15, 2016

Flight Blur

The photographs I'm sharing today are, essentially, "rejects" from the camera.  But, there is something I find captivating about them.  These are flight photographs, mostly of the chickadees, and they show a blur of feathers and movement that gives a sense of how quickly these little birds move. I try to catch them seated on my hand, but more often than not, I get a blur.  I was throwing out the blurs, but then I began to realize they had a certain charm.

Today, I share with you some of my favourite blurry chickadees and nuthatches!

Here's just a wing blur, to start.

Most of the pictures are "take off" blurs from the point when the bird leaves my hand.

This one has a real curve to it in the bottom part of the picture, adding to the sense of movement. Swoop!

I believe this one is a "landing blur" as opposed to a "take off blur."

Another landing!

This one is one of my favourites - I just think of it as a dancing bird blur!  It's a nuthatch.

Here's a nuthatch blur as the bird was going from upright to upside-down on the branch.  Really just a wing blur, but I love the way the individual feathers are visible, and yet the leaves are seen through the feathers too.

They just move so fast! 

Off they go!

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I think they are amazing...great action photos. thanks for participating at I'd rather b birdin this week.

porkpal said...

I love the birdie blurs!

Michelle said...

I like them, too!