Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday's Hunt v 2.6

Today is, as usual on a Friday, time for Friday's Hunt, hosted by Eden Hills.  The prompts for today are "Starts with F," "Week's Favourite," and "Shine."

Starts with F
By wonderful happenstance, Marc called me outside yesterday evening and said I should bring a camera.  Little did I know that I was about to meet our first amphibian spotted visiting our new home!  I was so very excited to see this beautiful green frog (Rana clamitans) which Marc noticed on the driveway as he was taking out the garbage.  It is so lovely to have a fabulous husband who knows just when to alert me to interesting flora and fauna in our yard!

I took sooooo many pictures of this frog!

I think its eyes are just mesmerizing.

I took a couple of pine needles off its skin after having snapped a few shots.  I was worried the frog would be upset if I touched it, but it was very calm.  I'm so glad this frog decided to visit just in time for Friday's Hunt Letter F!

Week's Favourite
If you read my blog regularly, you'll notice that I've taken a bit of a shine to the daylilies blooming in my new perennial gardens.  (oooh, see what I did there....squeezing in an extra shine!)  This week my favourite photograph was this stunning daylily that was a total surprise to me.  I thought they'd all bloomed by now.  This stunning example was planted right beside another plant, so I thought it was all the same red daylily.  Nope!  Surprise! Instead, it is a really beautiful double daylily with the cultivar name of Kwanso.  I am just completely enamoured with it.  I am hoping to divide it and make some more plants for next year!  It looks like a fire (oooh, extra F for extra points!) on a stem!
(note, the frog is really also my favourite, but I couldn't help sharing the daylily!)

This week I went to Parlee Beach for the first time.  It's a very popular beach located in Shediac, New Brunswick.  I'm not usually a "beach person" but I went there because a friend of mine was visiting from Ottawa, and I hadn't seen her in many years.  It was so grand to spend time with her - we just fell back into conversation as if no time had passed at all.  There were lots of little hermit crabs in the shallow water, as well as a few shells. It was a spectacular summer day, and I took a picture of the sun shining on this shell.

Bonus shot - here are some crabs collected from the shallows!


Tom said...

Fabulous "F"s, I don't see frogs around as much these days...not a good sign. That daylily is a show stopper. Have a great week and I'll see back again.

Jim said...

Hi Claire ~~ Seems you are getting nicely settled in your new home. Nice that you have a fabulous husband to alert you about the frog. Mrs. Jim seems jealous of my camera at times. Spouses differ on their appreciation level of their mates writing. I know a blogger, poet, who writes after her hubby goes to bed.
I feel your frog has sad eyes. I hope she isn't lost. Perhaps she is waiting for a handsome prince to kiss her.

Michelle said...

I've never seen such a fancy daylily; what a fantastic surprise!

Margaret Adamson said...

That Frog is a real poser and he is lovely. Tiy r day lily is very beautiful I hope you have a lovely wek ahead of you.

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

Great shots of Froggy!

Veralynne Malone said...

Love the frog. You were lucky he stayed so still. And your lily...gorgeous!!! And nothing better than shell hunting with friends. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

What a friendly frog to welcome you to the neighborhood. I think it's in love. Or it knows about Friday's Hunt! Frogs are very smart, you know. How nice to meet up with your friend. That is a nice daylily.

Anonymous said...

How lucky to find such a friendly frog! Nice of Marc to alert you. I love the day lily. They are so pretty in my ditch (or the goats would have eaten them in the yard). I used to have pet hermit crabs. Such fun little creatures! Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Froggy seemed to know it was being photographed. Instantly gave you its best side, pose, and smile.