Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spin, Span, Spun

I did some more spinning last night, and I think....I hope....I saw some improvement. As I sat there spinning, I thought about the conjugation of the verb, "to spin," and I played in my mind with the word "span," using it in sentences such as "She sat on the couch and span." I think only oddities like me, who have an interest in language and grammar and other such esoteric things, would sit on the couch spinning and thinking about verb conjugations. Still, it all came out well in the end.

Here, as a reminder, is my first attempt from my class last Tuesday night, now rolled onto a paper tube. I can see I need to start collecting these tubes instead of putting them into recycling all the time!

Now here, is my attempt from last night. Is it better?
The material we were given to work with in this class is a big lump of fiber - I mean, it's processed and it is soft and nice, but it's not a roving. If it were in the form of a roving, I think it would be easier to spin. It's hard to draft evenly because of its bulky nature.

So, given that assumption about my chunk of fiber, I decided to play with the free fiber sample that came with my drop spindle. It has angelina and firestar and viscose in it. That was a completely different spinning experience, and here is the outcome of that. I really rather like it, if I may say so myself.

Yesterday I got my first batt from the fiber of the month club at Split Rock Ranch. I already had some fiber from her shop, and can't say enough great things about her batts. Look at this stuff!! It's absolutely gorgeous! I took this picture in the sun so the black isn't as black as it looks in person - you'll have to trust me on that one!
It is 50% black superwash, 25% black alpaca/silk and 25% cultivated silk. The name of it is "Stained Glass" which is perfect - the silk colors stand out just like looking through a stained glass window. I can't wait to spin this. I must get better at spinning first, but oh, so tempting!


Joanna said...

The stained glass is beautiful and yes, you are improving on the spinning.

spin, spun, span sounds like good names for triplets. :-)

Mom L said...

Yes - I definitely see improvement! And I agree with Joanna and you - the stained glass is gorgeous.

Nancy in Atlanta

Joanna said...

look at this felted hat

Lola Nova said...

Looks like you are doing wonderfully. I am looking forward to watching your progress and living vicariously through you. ha.

Mare said...

Oh my Goodness Claire! You are doing fantastic! I wish we lived closer to each other. I would love to take that class with you. I just bought a book on hand spinning and can't wait to get it. You are inspiring me! :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Take your big chunk of fiber and sit on the couch one evening and just draft and draft and draft, practicing on getting it really even. Then, not only will you have gotten a lot of drafting experience, you'll have a ton of fiber ready to spin. It looks lovely and your spinning looks good!

Split Rock Ranch said...

Claire: Your spinning is improving and remember that it is a journey so enjoy the journey and be sure to keep that first skein of handspun so you can look back at it later and marvel at the progress you've made! I'm going to send you a PM with tips on how to use the fiber batts so you'll feel more comfortable sitting down with it and spinning it sooner, rather than later! Remember, you've got batts coming every month for a few months now! Thank you for putting a pic of the batt in your blog! Fibery hugs, Brenda

Tina T-P said...

Predraft, predraft, predraft! I pull my bats into strips then predraft them into a basket so I have managable fiber - makes all the difference in the world! Boy, that bat of alpaca/silk is going to be fun to spin. T.

Anonymous said...

You're doing great!! You should come to Yarn School this spring -- it's SO much fun! Lots of spinning, yarn & fiber dyeing, great food . . . just a thought . . . : )

Claire said...

I SOOO want to go to the yarn school, I've looked at the information about it and was so tempted. Two problems arise.
1. We have lambs due on May 2, which could be late.
2. My final exams run from May 4 to May 14, which is the bigger of the 2 problems. The exact schedule isn't out yet, but in any event, since law school exams are 100% of your final grade, there is no room for slacking off on studying! Since I'm doing it part time, I'll have exams at that time of May for at least the next 2 years.

Fortunately, the Iowa Sheep and Fiber festival is in June. :-)