Saturday, January 3, 2009

Llama Sub Committee Meeting

Did you miss our last meeting notes? Shame on you if you did, but here they are:
Meeting 1
Meeting 2

Today, an emergency meeting was called of the housing and aesthetics sub-committee, which is of course a branch group of SLICE (Secret Llama Intelligence Collection Enterprise).. This committee consists of me (Cabernet) along with Hazel and Lilly. Rosco thinks he is too manly to participate in anything to do with housekeeping. Chauvinist!
There was a significant commotion today. We were cunningly led by a two-legger out of our normal pasture area, whereupon he had the nerve to block our access to the barn for nearly an hour. This was highly aberrant. Clearly something was about to happen. We then saw the two-legger riding on a large orange beast (furless). The beast makes a rumbling noise and has an unusual tail. The two-legger used the tail to scrape out our barnyard! INCLUDING the latrine!! The gall of this action did not go unnoticed. We carefully select our latrine location and we had it perfectly sited. Now, we have to establish a new location. We are highly disturbed by this development. As you can see, the goats were also agitated, but they are stupid, and don't really care to learn about the deeper workings of the two-legger mind.

We note that the two-legger has very fine control of the orange beast. It allows him to ride it and it simply uses its tail as he asks, and not only that - he can actually direct it to go where he wants. We do not think such a creature is worthy of barnyard space. It is very weak minded.

We expressed our disgruntlement by dashing around the pasture and kicking our heels up and generally creating a commotion and causing the goats to go rushing about in a blather. This caused the two legger to rush inside to bring out the other two legger, and they came back and watched us, whereupon they had fits of laughter. Incorrigible beings. Completely senseless I say.

Then, as if in some sort of gesture of "putting things back to rights," the original two legger came back with his little black bucket on wheels, unsteadily carrying new straw bales into our barn.

He laid them all out and flung it around. Of course, he did it all wrong, and we will have to correct it. These two-leggers know nothing about proper straw arrangement. We watched him do this for a few minutes, and then he came over mumbling something about "nice new bedding" and a "clean yard" and proceeded to let us back in to our normal community area.

The committee decided that we would not hum at him for at least several days to show our displeasure, and we will choose a new latrine site that is most likely to cause him to stumble in the dark, thus landing in it. That'll teach him.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! I feel like I was reading what my own llamas are thinking when I clean out their pens and barn. Too funny!

It's true, too. Move their communal dung latrine, and they'll do something drastic to get even. Mine will create a new dung pile right in the center of the pen, just so it's impossoble to walk around. Silly llamas.

New Mexico

kristi said...

You know my goats are a lot like that....though they do prefer to be more "helpers" and pick-pocketing is a preferred form of help:) I always enjoying reading the minutes of the meetings...perhaps one day I can join in on the meeting:)

Don said...

I see a children's picture book in the making here! You are on to something with this. Very clever...

Mom L said...

Thanks for the link to meeting #1 - I missed that! The llamas have such regal necks that I'm not surprised they look down on the 2-leggers.

Wrensong Farm said...

Arrrgh! I am late to reading the minutes!! I'll have to blame it on the weather when I read them to Jasmine!
No photos were even needed on this post as you painted such a vivid picture with your words on everything that happened! Thanks for the laugh!