Sunday, January 11, 2009

A little bit more of Iceland in Iowa

I have been remiss. There are just so many things to blog about and I can't do them all in one day. Well, I could, but that would be entirely too much reading for anybody to manage, so I try to just do one post at a time! Well, after we came home from our holiday, we picked up 3 new Icelandic ewes that we had purchased before going away. While we were away, they spent some good quality time with "Thunder" in a way that only girl sheep know about (but don't talk about). They spent 2 cycles with him and after being marked in their first cycle, they didn't get marked in the second, so that was a good sign that they are "with lamb(s)."

These ewes came from a local farm named Hedgeapple Farm. We are excited to have someone who breeds Icelandics this close to us! Lorraine from Hedgeapple Farm is a delightful lady and loves her sheep very much. We learned a great deal from her in acquiring these sheep, and we look forward to learning more!

So now, without further ado, I introduce to you Clover, Oreo, and Kat, who has become KitKat to me. Two of them are due on April 27 and the third on May 2. We are so very excited to bring into the world our new Icelandic lambs this spring. Kat is the brown ewe, Clover is the front ewe, and Oreo is in the back.
Clover is a 3 year old spotted, black and white ewe. Lorraine says she looks like a dalmatian when sheared. She had one lamb in her first lambing, and has had twins twice since. Great things about her include that she is parasite resistant, and has also proven to be a great mother with good milking capacity. She has a beautiful fleece! She's giving us a side view here!

Oreo is also 3 years old, also black and white spotted, and carries the leadership gene, which is unique to Icelandics. She had one lamb in her first breeding, then twins, and then triplets! Wow, maybe she will give us triplets too! Oreo says "Enough with the pictures already!"

Kitkat is a 3 year old moorit ewe and has a gorgeous fleece with thick thel. She previously had a single lamb, and then twins. I just love her color and her eyes.
We just love our new girls and they seem very comfortable here. I can't wait to work with their fiber!

Poppy says "Don't forget about me! I'm beautiful too!" Of course you are Poppy, and you get a special picture on the blog post today!


Joanna said...

I really look forward to reading your blog Claire. Do y'all have any help? or do y'all do all the work for the animals?

Last night I went to ETSY an typed in felt animals, wow, there were some cute ones on there. Especially for those that have sheep, many cute animals there.

Nancy K. said...

Such lovely ladies! Congratulations on your new girls and I do agree that Poppy is, indeed, quite beautiful! I love her curly poll.

Sharrie said...

If I added a breed, it would be Icelandic. Not gonna do it! Your girls are beautiful.

Ice Pony Goddess said...

Where's the Icelandic ponies? <;p]

Your critters are beautiful!

i beati said...

oh my they are wondeful Sandy

Wrensong Farm said...

Claire, your Icelandic girls are beautiful!! Are they friendly? I have to do you train your sheep not to get VM in their wool???:)

kristi said...

Can't wait to see your lamb pics in a few months!!! I know about wanting to talk & blog....sometimes I just don't because I am not sure if anyone really cares to hear. And if I do I alot, I don't want to bore people. I do however love hearing about everyone elses farming loves:)

Claire said...

Joanna - Thanks! I always look forward to reading your blog too! That Etsy is a dangerous place - keep your credit card on ice!

Thanks Nancy - Poppy is so sweet natured and friendly.

Sharrie, I'm sure you could find room for a couple of Icelandics!

Ice Pony Goddess - I think we're not quite ready for horses, but yours are delightful!

I Beati - Thank you! And thanks for your visit! Come back again!

Wrensong - they are friendly through the fence (because they think we might have food) but they tend to be a little more skittish when we are inside their pasture. I just speak to them firmly each morning and say "Now girls, no rolling about in vegetative matter today while I'm at work, or nobody gets any treats later" and they all nod their heads obediently and bleat at me. And if you believe that, maybe you'd like to see my giraffe... ;-)

Claire said...

Kristi - I always love to hear and read about your farming adventures! We all love to read about each others' critters - so please do keep it up!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Beautiful ice sheep. What is the leadership gene?
What is Thel?

I love the curled ear tip :)

You're gonna have so much fun playing with all your wolly fiber this Spring/Summer.


Diane L. Dodd said...

i love them all! can ewe make socks from their wool?
omg sorry, that was baaaaaaaaaad.
i'm delirious.

Mom L said...

Just reading my favorite blogs this morning and I see I'm right behind my own daughter in today's comments! OMG! Diane, bad pun, but funny!

Claire, The sheep are beautiful - I never knew there were so many varieties. I WILL get out there one day!

Nancy in Atlanta