Sunday, February 1, 2009

Awards! Thank you!

I am happy to have received, and to be able to pass along, two awards I received in the past few days. I haven't received either of these before, so it was exciting to be awarded with both of them by two of my favorite bloggers.

I've passed along the awards to some favorite blogs that fit the categories - all the winners should feel free to pick up the award and display it on their blog if they choose to do so, and please re-award it to other deserving bloggers!

* * * * * * * * * *

On Tuesday, January 27, Karen at Toteleeding, another Iowa blog, awarded me the "Tree of Happiness" award. While I am excited about this award, I am rather peeved with Karen for not posting her recipe for Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake with Dark Chocolate/Ginger Crumbles. She had this delicious photograph of the cake, and lovely description, and NO recipe! Who does that to her blogging friends, I ask you? Karen....please fix this problem. And while you're at it, the squash soup recipe would be very much appreciated also!!

I digress though, because of my chocolate fixation, and thank Karen for this wonderful award, which is meaningful to me because just yesterday, in my Butterscotch Bunny post, I talked about having planted a tree for Thumper, and trees in general make me happy, so what a great name for this award.

The Tree of Happiness award comes with the rule that I should mention 6 things that make me happy, and then award it to some other blogs that make me happy. So many choices...

Six Things That Make Me Happy

1. Visiting my parents, as I did this Christmas, or having them visit me. It is hard to live so far away from my parents sometimes, and I love them dearly, so time spent visiting them is very special time for me. It always makes me very happy, although it makes me sad when it's over.

2. My little farm. I never thought I would have a farm. I'm not sure why....I guess I just never really thought it was part of where my life would take me. I am so, so glad that my life did take me in that direction, because it brings me a kind of happiness that I realize I was lacking in my life. Coming home to my critters after work is like a breath of fresh air, and instant stress relief. Everybody should have at least a couple of chickens or goats. It is very cheap therapy!

3. Kelly. He makes me happy all the time. We are very different people and have very different life histories, childhoods, educations, and experiences. Somehow, this has not made us "opposites" so much as it has brought us to a similar place, along a very different road. Kelly loves art, our farm, building things, our animals, woodworking, and just spending time together. He is the perfect partner here on the farm, and I would be quite lost without him.

4. Fiber (or fibre, for my non American readers, and yes, I do remember how to spell the Canadian way). I never knew much about fiber before - but I began to learn about spinning, weaving, and wool quite recently. Now, I have my own sheep, angora goats, and an angora rabbit, not to mention my llamas! I am delighted when I buy a new fiber batt or roving, and am enjoying learning how to use it creatively. Yes, I also like the fiber in All-Bran, but not in quite the same way.

5. Learning. I am constantly on the prowl for useful information. I love learning new things. That is probably one of the reasons I went back to school, part time, so late in life. Nobody really needs 4 University degrees, but I just love to learn. The degrees are kind of a side bonus. The wonderful thing about learning, is that you never have to stop, because there will always be something else you can learn about. I credit my parents with teaching me the joy of learning - even if they do wonder whether I'll ever finish up my education!

6. Nature. I have always enjoyed the wealth of nature outside my door. Now that I live on an acreage, I can experience it much more each day. I love to watch the changes in the trees and plants in the woods through the seasons. I am fascinated by the birds, their nests, their fledglings, and their songs. I watch for new wildflowers and pull out my Audubon guide. I watch worms in the earth, I study bees busily collecting nectar in flowers, I garden with gusto, trying new plants and vegetables and fruit trees.

So, now, I will re-award the Tree of Happiness, to 5 blogs that make me happy, and here they are:
1. Iowa Greyhound - because I love my greyhound and he makes me happy, so it's good to read about another local greyhound!
2. Sarahspace - I've known Sarah for years and years. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, and I miss her a lot, but her blog always makes me happy because I can catch up with her. But she's a runner, so I can't catch up with her literally!
3. BoonedocksWilcox - Joanna is one of my steadiest comment-leavers, and she has a great blog that always makes me happy when I read it. Plus, she has the most adorable goat named Sweet Pea.
4. Yellow Jacket Ridge Angora Ranch - I think Rebecca needs a tree of happiness right now, and besides, her blog always makes me smile.
5. Tylerfarm Homestead - A great blog with a great writer - she's very helpful with goat advice and always has interesting posts.

* * * * * * * * * *

On to the second award, which was given to me yesterday by Lisa of Laughing Orca Ranch. I do hope her leg keeps improving, and that she'll soon be back up on her horse. Lisa's posts are always fun to read, and she has such a great menagerie of critters too! Lisa awarded me the "Your Blog is Fabulous" award, which comes with the unusual requirement of listing 5 of your "favorite addictions" (or favourite addictions, depending on your spelling preference!) I'm not sure that I technically have any true addictions, but there are lots of things I really, really like, so here are 5 of them.

Five Favo(u)rite Addictions

1. Fiber (fibre) - see Tree of Happiness award!
2. Ice Cream. Summer, winter, anytime. Chocolate mint chip is addictive, as are the "Reserve" flavours from Haagen Dazs, especially that recent sesame brittle one.
3. Sweet or semi-sweet white wines. Riesling, Gewurtztraminer, Moscato, Prosecco, Ice Wine, need I go on?
4. Lavender. Real lavender, not fake lavender scented things. Always reminds me of my grandfather. I like having lavender sachets, hand creams, bath salts, etc.
5. Dungeon-and-Dragon type of computer games. Yes, I admit, I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to these, and I can get lost in them and forget what time it is. That is why I don't play them very often. Much too addictive!

And now, 5 blogs that I think should receive the "Your Blog is Fabulous" award!
1. Toteleeding! Karen - even though you didn't give your recipes out (can you tell how peeved I am about this yet?), your blog is fabulous!
2. Antiquity Oaks - Deborah has great advice on goats and sheep and just about everything else. She's got a fabulous blog about her farm!
3. Beyond the Blue Gate - another Iowa blog that I really enjoy. Food, an adorable dog, and FIBER!!
4. Goats in the Garden (Shiloh Prairie Farm) - a fabulous blog indeed. In fact, right now, you should go there and check out the handmade soap making instructions - great pictures and what a product! Love it!
5. Stories from the Farm (Kenleighacres) Wonderful blog about Jacob sheep, and great advice givers too, about my goats and sheep! People who are willing to share their experiences are fabulous! And fabulous sheep pictures here too - check out the adorable lambs!


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Thank you so much Claire....yes, I could use a tree of happiness :-( You are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Claire!!! I love the award - the lady and dog made me smile :) Now I have to post about my addictions - oh the horror ;)

BlueGate said...

Wow, thanks Claire! And congrats on the new addition to the farm. I look forward to seeing you "spin him."

Mom L said...

Congratulations, Claire! If I were a blogger I would create an award for you - something like, "Biggest Heart for Animals".


Deb said...

Thank you Claire - that was very nice of you. I love the Tree of Happiness :) I'll be sure to pass it on and make someone's day like you did mine :)

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Thank you so much! What a cool award, I am flattered you thought of my blog. Now I have to confess my addictions, that won't be hard. I think people already know Dr. Pepper and goats will be two. Of course one is much better for you than the other!

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

OKAY....I give...where do you find those awards???

Glenna said...

I love the story about Thumper, and the pictures of Butterscotch. What beautiful fur, and how wonderful that he doesn't resent being groomed.

Claire said...

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras - you just right click on the award picture and save the image, and then post it onto your that what you were asking about where to find them?

Thanks Nancy - that is a nice award idea. I think you should have Diane design and create it on your behalf!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Neat to learn more about you, sweetie!!