Monday, February 23, 2009

Goat ear tattoos, Luna video, Flynt and Kyndling, and the hens

Well, today I became slightly more technologically savvy, by uploading my very first YouTube video. I took 3 segments of Luna video and joined them together into a little movie of about 8 minutes. I know, it sounds long, but Luna's biggest fans hopefully won't mind. The first segment is about 20 minutes after her birth, when she's all wet and wobbly. The second segment is one day later, with Stuffin. The third segment is when I briefly took her outside while Kelly was starting up the tractor in the barn, to spare her from diesel fumes! I think they're all kind of cute, if you like baby goats.

You can view it on YouTube if you like by using this link...(might take a bit of time to play smoothly because it's a long video).

On another goat matter, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with goat ear tattoos. I have 3 Nubian goats that have ear tattoos. The people I got them from have told me that they were registered, but they don't know where the paperwork is, or what their registered names are. I believe all three goats have CJBJ in one ear (the JBJ part is quite clear, I was iffy on the C). One of them appears to have an S2 in the other ear. I need to look at the two other numbered ears more closely on a sunnier, brighter day. They were most likely bred here in Iowa, if that helps at all. I tried using the ADGA website but there didn't seem to be a lookup tool for ear tattoos.

Finally, today we picked up our new long haired rabbits from the Animal Rescue League! They were originally named Elvis and Marilyn, but we have renamed them Flynt and Kyndling (for the male and female, respectively.) Now, do any experts have opinions on their breeds? I thought angora initially, but perhaps they are Jersey Woolly? Or maybe they are cross breeds? Flynt had a lot of fur mats but Kyndling didn't have many at all. She seems to have longer fiber than he does. They are both sweet natured. They came to the shelter because their owner died. They are both fixed of course.

Kyndling considers coming out of her box.

Then she gets to sit on the big pillow while I did some grooming.

Then Flynt came out for a grooming session. You can see his fur needs more work.

He has such a lovely head.

Here they are together in their new house (with Butterscotch in the background showing his height and imposing physique)

Can't resist adding a picture of the hens from yesterday - I love all their different feather colors. And why are they all clustered around like that?

Well because it's their water dish of course!


Handmade Sunshine said...

I haven't had a chance to see the video yet, but I well soon. The bunnies are adorable, of course I am a bit partial there. Not sure what the breed might be. You could consult the House Rabbit Society and they might know by looking at the pictures, just don't tell them that you're keeping them outside. :-) They might be angoras, there are several different kinds, but I'm no expert.

d/iowa said...

i LOVE luna's video! i left a comment on you tube for you.
the new bunnies are cute too- but nothing will ever be cuter than luna. EVER>

Glenna said...

Such cute bunnies! And the chickens? Gossip!

PlowandPony said...

Your blog is so cute! It could just almost be a mirror image of my life here in Missouri.
The ear tattoos do indeed mean they are registered! How to look them up..well I don't know. Perhaps there is a Nubian Registry? But it does mean you have yourself some goats with lineage! I am always looking for ear tattoos in mine. I have Boers and Boer crosses. I want a Nubian or 2 soooo bad!
I cracked up about your comment on my blog! A chicken ghost! May Rosie Rest in Peace!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

My guess is they are mostly likely registered with the ADGA.
The initials on one side represent the farm. On the other side, the S2 = S represents a year. Letter Z I know represents 2009. #2 represents, I think, the 2nd kid in that S year. Call the ADGA and find out the farm, would be great if you could contact them.

We just joined ADGA, Mike is more knowledgable, I'll ask him tonight after work. Our farm ID is WJJ = Wilcox, J.Michael and Joanna.

Of course, the Luna video is darling. and the I love the names Flynt and Kyndling.

frolicnfibers said...

The Luna video is wonderful! I love her little hops and runs...I'd forgotten how cute baby goats are!

Cat said...

Oh that video is just too cute! I can't wait to have some babies of my own! I don't have any answers for you on the goats or bunnies but I'm sure you'll find your answers!


Mom L said...

I just happily watched the whole video - adorable! Luna is so active - and vocal - she'll soon be needing more blocks to jump on! I can't wait for Diane to meet her (and you and Kelly, of course!)

At the rate you bring home new rescued animals you're going to need more buildings and paddocks! The new bunnies are so pretty. Nancy

Flartus said...

*sigh* Can't watch YouTube from work...but can't wait to see Luna's star performance.

As always, I love your chicken pics. They are so purdy, them hens!

JLB said...

The S means that they were born in 2003 the number behind it does indeed signify which kid of the year. I got told by ADGA when I called (I'm a registered member) that they can't tell you who a tattoo belongs to unless you're the registered owner of the goat which you can't be unless they gave you transfer papers. So sorry, not much help there. You could call the breeders listed in the book if you want and ask them if their tatoo is CJBJ and we could probably guess based on the farm name which ones are likely and then ask them what their registered names are and they should have records but that's the only way of finding out. Let me know if you want those numbers. CUTE VIDEO!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

What a cute video! Luna is so adorable!

Christy said...

I loved the video! She is adorable.

Claire said...

Thanks for all the comments!

Handmade sunshine - they live in those hutches in our office in the house! They are not outdoor rabbits, so the HRS would probably not mind.

D/Iowa - Thanks! Are you having fun yet?!

Glenna - yes! Gossip around the water cooler!

Plow&Pony - I'm keeping an eye out for Rosie at night now! ;-)

Joanna & JLB - found out that CJBJ is the name the people I bought them from came up with, but they are not sure of their registered names, nor do they recall the farm name they chose. Sigh. They didn't keep good records I don't think, or they don't know where they are. Their family has been having a bit of a tough time lately.

Flartus - did ya get to watch it yet? I keep watching it to retain the cuteness factor. :-)

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

I think Luna has some real show girl in her :-) The video was so cute. For the record...Mical watched the entire thing ...all the way through....I'm sure it brought back lots of memories when we had our first babies.