Sunday, July 1, 2012

Danger of...what?!

Yesterday, Richard kindly took me out to dinner and movie, after working on projects at the house for the day.  Back in Iowa, I used to enjoy frequent dinners out with friends, but here, there is really nowhere to go, and nobody to go with.  That makes me sad, but I'm trying to get used to it and to forget the way things used to be.

Last night was an exception - we went to a small city about 30 minutes drive away which has a nice pub.  It's not fabulous, but it's OK, all things considered.  Had a nice supper and then a few minutes to wait before the movie.  We went for a short stroll around the downtown area, which was nice because at the farm, I can't go outside for strolls because the bugs are insanely bad.  I literally have to run to and from my car to the front door to avoid bites.  In the city though, it was not a problem.  How nice to be able to be outside!

Anyway, I cracked up when I saw this sign...
Apart from the fact that it was a hot summer day, reducing the chances of falling ice considerably, you have to look closely to see why I was reduced to giggles upon reading it.  I don't generally condone graffiti, but this was in pencil, and was...well, just really funny.  Here's the close up, in case you can't read it!
So, watch out for falling mice next time you're out on a walk!