Saturday, November 7, 2009

Green Goats Gallivanting

Today, we put our angora buck, Valentino, in with the goat girls. We decided that, in the interest of having more fiber-producing animals, using Val would result in either Pygora or Nigora goats, depending on whether he bred our Pygmy or Nigerian dwarf girls. In addition, we have a mini-Nubian girl. I'm not sure what that would be - a Minugora?

Anyway, I had purchased a marking harness earlier this year which can be used on buck goats and also on rams, so that we can tell which goats (or sheep) are cycling, and whether they have been successfully bred. The sheep and goat cycle is about 3 weeks. The harness is engineered to hold a block of coloured waxy marking substance. When the buck or ram mounts their chosen one, they will leave a coloured mark on the rear quarters of the female. If the breeding is successful, then the next cycle, that doe or ewe should not be marked, because she would not be cycling, so the buck or ram would not mount her. This way, we can also have good estimates on who is likely to give birth on what date.

Val is a little small compared to the harness size, but he gamely agreed to wear it without much trouble. I had to really shorten the straps and ensure he was not going to pull it off by rubbing on a fence post. After he was dressed up in his harness, we introduced him to his harem - one pygmy, one mini-Nubian, and two Nigerian dwarf does. That's Puffin the Pygmy in the back, Coffee the mini-Nubian beside her, and then Lotus lying down in the sun, and Opal behind her. Lotus and Opal are the Nigerian dwarf goats.
Val was clearly impressed as he stood there surveying his new surroundings.

Some hours later, I ventured outside to see how he was getting along with the girls. It was quite clear, one of our girls (Coffee) was cycling. And here is where Val insisted that he take over the writing of this blog post. It's all up to you Val....

Valentino here.
Nice of Claire to let me blog today. I heard from her that there's a really beautiful goat named Isobelle who has her very own blog. I think I should have one too, but at least I get my chance to talk today.

(Hey Isobelle Honey, if you're listening baby, I am carrying a torch for you my love. Please send peppermints. See, my eyes are begging you. I so wish I could meet you.)
I know, you were thinking that "Green Goats" was something to do with the environment, weren't you? Environmentally friendly goats, helping fertilize the garden. Yeah yeah, I know, we do that too. But today, really, the post is about truly green goats. Claire somehow saw fit to put green marking wax in my harness. Yeah, what the...errr...what was she thinkin'? But I'm here to tell all you bucks, it ain't no big deal. The girls will still love you, know what I'm sayin'?

Here, check this out. I'll show you how it's done.
Hey baby, you with the green butt!
Are you talking to meeee?

You betcha! How YOU doin'? You got it going ON baby girl. But I'm tellin' you baby, you got some green on your butt. Maybe you sat in some hay or somethin'? You know, I can help you with that.

I got green on my...what...oh my goodness, how embarrassing...

It's no problem honey bear. You just come on down here and let Val figure this out for ya.
Thanks Val, I really appreciate....wait....what are you sniffing....what. are you....OH!

No worries babycakes, I got ya covered.
Ooooh, you naughty boy!! I'm telling the girls what you're up to! That's the second time you've done that to me today!

See fellas, that's how it's done. Take it from me. The girls these days think green is irresistible. I'll let you go try it for yourselves now. Keep up the good work boys.


IsobelleGoLightly said...

Woweee! I think Val can come visit me here at my farm. I then could have little curly-coated babies!!! They could be curly Boers = Burlies! hee hee

tennismom said...

Happy Fall, Claire -
Thank you for a most illuminating post. Val - you da MAN! I can't wait to see the results. (and the fiber!)

Mom L said...

Hilarious! Val, you're a mighty handsome green goat!!!

Nancy (goatless) in Iowa

I need orange said...

Laughing out loud. :-)

Thanks for sharing this touching ;-) story.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! You're so silly. :)


Lola Nova said...

Thank you for giving the expression "going green" a whole new meaning!

Alison said...

The most entertaining post on goat sex I've ever read! Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Green is a much better color than red!!! Especially when your sheep live along a road...we had several people stop and say that one of our sheep must be bleeding REALLY bad because they were covered in red ;) I now stick with blue, green, and yellow. Val is very handsome with his green hue.

Anonymous said...

He's quite studly I must say.... even if he is a bit Irish looking.


The Blue Ridge Gal

Anonymous said...

He's quite studly I must say.... even if he is a bit Irish looking.


The Blue Ridge Gal

Christy said...

I really want a pygora, although a nigora would be awesome! I wonder if I can borrow a angora buck.

Esther Garvi said...

Tell Val he's free to serve our goat ladies when he's free from his current engagements!

Esther Garvi said...

I think his green coat would do well against Allis' black!

Jenny Holden said...

lol, that's some colourful loving they've been up to! Looking forward to seeing the offspring... what colour will they be? ;o)