Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Gold Stamp of Approval

Maaaaaaaah!  It's me, Lucky Nickel!
We got a gold stamp of approval from Millie the goat!  We love Millie and her herd of friends.  Four of our former friends are there - Opal, Lotus, Coffee and Osmo.  Millie sometimes says that she will feed Opal to the chupacabra, but we know she's only joking.  Who wouldn't love Opal?!  Right, Millie?  The Gold Stamp comes originally from Tayet's goat, named Gold.  How perfect!
Here are the rules:

  • If you are awarded The Gold Stamp of Approval, you must tell everyone 3 silly things about your goats.
  • Link to your favorite goat or farm blogs and add a nice tidbit about why you like them!
  • Please make a link back to the person you received the award from.
  • Inform the award receiver that they have an award, by comment on their latest post or email.
  • Have fun!
So, we are now going to tell you 3 silly things about us, the goats.  

1.  My lady comes up with very silly names for us goats.  Mine is the only good name.  I am named Lucky Nickel because the vet who delivered me was Dr. Nicholson, and I was lucky he was there, or else I would have died, so she put Lucky and "Nickel" from Nicholson together to make my name, which is just right and a good name.  Inigo, Westley and Fezzik are named after 3 characters from the movie called the Princess Bride.  This is silly because none of them are princesses or brides and they haven't been in a movie, so I don't think she was thinking straight.  Also, when she is talking to Inigo, sometimes she says "Hello, my name is Inigo Goatoya, you sheared my father, prepare to die" and then she laughs.  Clearly, she is completely silly, but she says people who saw the movie will "get it."  Caramel kept her name from her previous farm.  I still think it's silly because a caramel is a food and we don't eat goat here.  My lady is silly and that means her goats get mostly silly names.

2.  When I was little, my lady would let me ride on her back.  That was silly.  I should have been riding in a golden carriage, encrusted with jewels, wearing a tiara.  Why did my lady think that I should be riding on her.  She is so silly.

3.  Sometimes, my lady makes us wear clothes.  This is completely silly.  
Here is a picture of me from back in Iowa, when I was wearing her exercise shorts.  She said it was to keep the diaper on.  I know better.  She just likes to play dress-up.  
See?  Quite silly.

Now we are going to list our favourite goat blogs.  Here they are, in no particular order:
  • Of course, we love Millie's blog because she writes so often and always has great pictures, and she lives with our former herd mates in Iowa.  We also like Millie's lady's blog - she writes very nicely and my lady likes to read about her thoughts and adventures.  And hey, while we're on the subject, you should check out Millie's fabulous new farm store where you can buy lovely soaps and popcorn from her farm and tree ornaments and all sorts of fun things!
  • We love Isobelle's blog because she is very astute, and has good observations.  She also has a lovely herd with Number the horse, of whom my lady is very fond, and some sweet mini horses and 2 little sheep, and my lady says Isobelle's lady is super.
  • We enjoy Tayet's blog about her goats in Wisconsin, and she was clever enough to come up with the Gold award, so we think you should visit her too.
  • Darla's blog, by her lady Mimi, is such fun to read.  We are looking forward to seeing Darla being the Yule Goat in her special Capra coat.  
  • We think Marigold's blog is always worth reading.  She has lots of reasons to be cheerful, and words of wisdom to impart, and lots of important information about peanuts.
  • Baby Belle, also called Millie, has a very funny blog.  My lady usually cracks up when she reads it and always gets a chuckle from Millie's stories.  It's one of our favourites.
  • We like Goat Berries, because it's exotic since it is about some goats in Italy.  We have not been to Italy, but our lady has, and she says they have very good food there, so we think we should go.
  • Finally, we like our friend Kaori's blog, in Japan.  She doesn't speak English and my lady doesn't speak Japanese, but they interact using Google translate and my lady gets the general idea of her blog.  Kaori has two goats - Nana and Ran Maru.  Even if you can't understand it, there are lots of good pictures and it is fun to see goats in Japan!

I think that is all for now....there are so many good goat blogs out there, but these are our favourites!  If any of them have not already received the award, we are awarding it now!  We think you are all golden!!

Now, I must go and perfect my Snow Queen look.  I am practicing so I can be in a movie.  I already have the imperious look perfected, but I need to improve my stomping.


Millie said...

You and your lady are awfully sweet special people/goats. I am surprised how much snow you have. We are still all brown and bare here. You are correct, I wouldn't really feed Opal to the chupacabra. Well...

Marigold said...

I am glad we don't have snow yet. I see that you have little snowballs like the Cabrarator gets. Oy. I am glad I don't get snowballs. I think you should go hae some Peanuts to help you think about your movie career. Thank you got liking my blog. I like yours too. :)

Alison said...

Lucky Nickel, you are still as adorable as in your diaper-bottomed days. I wonder what it feels like to have little goat hooves standing on your back?

"Inigo Goatoya" made me giggle. I must be as silly as your Lady.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Hi Lucky Nickel!!!! How wonderful that you have received this award! I think, though, that your lady should have given you a golden crown to wear - or at least gilded your horns. Humph! I think you are looking especially beautiful in the snow.

brokenteepee said...

You look lovely as a snow queen Lucky Nickel.

Callie Brady said...

Such sweet goats you have! Personally, I really like the Princess Bride names... and yes, I get it! Thanks for the link to the blog in Japan.