Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Weekend Roundup: C

Today's Weekend Roundup from Tom the Backroads Traveller has the following prompts:  Starts with C, Week's Favourite, and Clouds.

Starts with C
We had a snowfall earlier this week and it accumulated quite a bit, so there was a lot of clean-up required.  This was my car:

Here's the chicken coop (double C!), with the path that I dug to it so I could easily get out there to fill the feeder and waterer!  The chickens don't like to come out of the coop at all in this weather.

I found some crab-apples still on the branch, wearing snowy hats:

Week's Favourite
I had a slightly less crazy work schedule this week, which allowed me to take a few minutes to work on a craft project - I wanted something small and easy that I could complete quickly.  Thus, I knitted this cute little hedgehog.  That was my favourite part of the week!  (Bonus letter c:  The back of the hedgehog is knitted with chenille yarn).

After the snow, there was some blue sky, but as usual at this time of year, there were also clouds, and within about 20 minutes of this photograph being taken, there was no blue sky to be seen at all. 
At this time of year, I get rather tired of grey, dismal, cloudy days.  Today is actually sunny, although very cold, but that's better than gloomy.  The long term forecast for the coming months suggests that by mid-February, we are going to head into a period of lower-than-normal temperatures which will persist throughout the month of March.  I'm not looking forward to that.


Tom said...

...Claire, your car and yard could have been mine last week, a warmup is thawing our ice and snow. lower-than-normal temperatures are never fun, just give me 'normal,' what ever that is. It's always nice to have time to work on a craft project . Stay warm and please stop again.

Lin said...

If it is sunny, I can handle the cold. The sunshine just brightens the spirit! But...I don't blame those chickens for hunkering down. Yikes! That is some deep snow.

porkpal said...

Super cute hedgehog!

Michelle said...

Cute little hedgie!

Jim said...

Hi Claire ~~ I like your hedge hog, very cute. Your path to the chicken coop brought memories of the Dad would make to our chicken houses. The ivwas reminded of the paths we kids would make from which we played the tag game of "Fox and Goose." Is it played up there?
Oh yes, your snow and storm came through here before your visit. We had ice and frozen snow to get off before we could drive it.

ellen b. said...

What a great collection for the round up! Love your hedgehog! Hope the snow clean up goes well. Everything looks great with a snow cover. :)