Saturday, January 8, 2022

Winter Weather

 After a relatively mild December, January has now reminded us that it is definitely winter.  The first major snowstorm for my area came on Friday morning, and lasted until sometime overnight on Friday, leaving a considerable snowfall total in my yard.  I used a measuring stick in several spots and the average was 46 cm, or about 18 inches of snow, which is quite a bit for a single storm.  Here's how things looked on the driveway this morning.

And here's the view out the back porch door towards the rabbit palace.

It is definitely enough snow for me to try out my new cross country skis soon.  But I didn't go today, because I figured everybody would be out there today, since we haven't had enough snow to ski on yet this winter.  

Fortunately, I have a reliable snowplowing service that came to do the driveway. It didn't take him very long to get most of it cleared, although I still spent a long time cleaning off Marc's car while he used our little snowblower to make paths in the backyard.

It is so much easier to access all the animals when there are paths in the yard.

I'll have to make a few paths of my own to get to the bird feeders though!

Twilight wisely stayed in the barn eating hay.

Lucky Nickel came out to eat the pieces of pine tree that broke during the driveway plowing - it's difficult for the plowing guy not to damage any trees when the boughs are so heavy with snow, so I brought all the pieces over to her for snacking.

It's a good thing I don't have any chickens living in the Eglu right now!

The duck house was well covered in snow.

Sir Francis was happy in his kiddie pool though!  The immersion heater keeps it from freezing.

I definitely need to do some major pruning of the yew shrubs this spring.  I'm thinking about trying to do the pom-pom style topiary with them.

The chickens were content staying inside the coop.

I don't blame them!  It will be a long time now before they will want to go out into the side yard.  They don't really like standing around in the snow.  I wouldn't want to do so in bare feet either!


porkpal said...

Snow is so beautiful - in other people's yards. I don't know that I could care for animals in those conditions, much less run a farm. I'm looking forward to your report on the ski adventures.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Sadly, you might consider pruning the yews clean away. They are extremely toxic, at least the varieties around here. Love your snow paths! :-)

Claire MW said...

Yes, you're right, the yews are toxic to livestock. If I planned on having more animals (other than chickens) in the future, I would think about removing them. With my remaining sheep and goat, they are both 10-11 years old now, and I'm unlikely to have any more since I have no pasture area. If they did get out, they have so much spruce and pine and other delights in the woods around the house, they are unlikely to go for the yews. However, the woods are also full of sheep laurel, which is also toxic, and it's so prevalent around here that there would be no way for me to keep the woods clear of it. Another reason I won't have more livestock in this location.

Michelle said...

That is a big dump! Looks especially deep walling the chore paths. Hope you get some skiing in!

Millie said...

That is a lot all at once. Glad you have a service for the driveway. Makes it easier to focus on the animals.