Thursday, October 21, 2010

My lady built a goat hut

Hi!  Hi hi hi!  It's meeee!  Lucky Nickel!  Did you miss me?!  It has been a very long time since my lady paid any attention to the blog.  She has been so busy with a lot of things, and then her Maaa-aaa and her Paaa-aaa came to visit us.  It was so nice to have them visit, even if her Paaaa-aaa did call me a nuisance.  I swear I was only helping him with the gardening!!  He said I was "getting in the way" and kept saying "Shooo" and waving his arms around.  I thought he was a little bit grumpy with me but I think he hasn't had enough goat experience to notice how helpful I really am.
My lady is a little bit sad this afternoon because she took her Maaa-aaa and Paaa-aaa to the airpost so they could be put into a big box and wrapped up with some tape and sent back to their home.  I do not know why they want to travel by post.  I think that's kind of strange.  I see the postman come by all the time with envelopes and packages.  He seems nice enough, so maybe they like the postman.  Anyway, after she took them to the airpost, she came home and did something to busy herself so she would not be sad.  Look at what she did!
She built a hut.  For goats!  BUT NOT FOR ME!!!!  She built it for those OTHER goats that live here.  I am not impressed.  But then I realized, she is building them a hut.  She is going to build me a goatominium.  It's like a whole house but just for ME!  She was practicing with the hut.  I am sure my goatominium will be much more fancy.  She put the other goats up in the garden area to eat all the remaining weeds and other stuff that was all overgrown and jungle-like in the garden.  They don't usually live up there, but she said they would be there for a few weeks, and they needed a shelter in case it rained.

Anyway, she used a cattle panel (I guess it is really a goatle panel) and then she covered it with a tarpoline.  A tarpoline is like a big sheet of plastic and it keeps the rain out.  You can also bounce on it, but my lady didn't seem to know that.  She said I was confused.  She is so scatterbrained sometimes.  You can buy them in all different sizes, she said, but this one was 10 feet by 20 feet.  She could put it over in 2 layers for extra protection.  She used some tea-posts for holding the goatle panel.  They don't taste like tea, but she said that is what they are.  I had to stick around to supervise because of course she gets into trouble when she is building stuff sometimes.  See this bruise she is getting on her ankle - she did that yesterday.  She's such a klutz.
She said I was a mess.  Can you imagine?   I don't know what she means.  I did some decorating with some pretty plants I found in the woods the other day.  See my pretty fur?  My lady says they are burrs.  She says they are hard to get out.  Well that's the POINT!  They are decorative!
Anyway, I'm getting distracted from talking about the hut.  After she built the hut, the other goats came to check it out.  Here are Misky (left) and Opal (front) pretending to look elsewhere, but secretly checking out the hut.
Then Opal did neck rolls and looked at the sky a lot.  She's kind of odd like that.  She does it a lot when there is something new going on.  I think it's a nervous reaction.  Silly Opal.
Then, she got really brave, and decided to check it out.  Misky is still pretending not to notice it.
After Opal deemed it to be appropriate, Coffee came over to check it out with Larke and Misky together.  By then, Opal was right inside the hut.  My lady says Opal looks a bit rotund.  I am not sure what she means by that.  One day, Opal did a sneaky thing and got into the pen with the boy goats.  My lady didn't know how long she was in there, but she said it was probably "long enough."  I don't know long enough for what, but she has this worried look on her face when she looks at Opal.  She says if it was "long enough" then there could be new, unexpected and unintended goats here in December.  I don't  know where they would come from.  I think sometimes my lady has some serious hallucinations.
I was kind of bored by the behavior of the other goats because they are so timid and pathetic because they are afraid of a silly hut, so I was just standing around eating yummy things.  When I was building the hut with my lady, I was jumping in and out of it and trying to get on top of it and everything, so I don't know what those goats were so worried about.
So then ALL the other goats came over to see the hut.  Opal was inside, Horton and his mom, Lotus were outside, and then Coffee was there with her daughters, Misky and Larke.  
Larke gets bored easily, so then she went off and got into the garden bed.  She thinks she's pretty.
After that, Opal lay down in the hut and then everybody approved.
So my lady said she felt better about the goats being in the garden patch now that they had a good place to sleep and stay out of the rain, if it ever rains here again, which is doubtful at the moment.  We goats do dislike being wet, so it's good that they are protected.  Personally, I have the whole barn while I wait for my goatominium to be built.  Right now I'm busy choosing my wall colours and my tile patterns.  See you soon!


Chai Chai said...

Great looking hut, I was just talking to the Commander about trying to build the same thing for my rams.

Millie said...

That looks like a great hut! I can hardly wait to see what your goatominium looks like.

Spinners End Farm said...

Lucky Nickel,

can you please tell me what the goat neck rolls are all about? Tea does them a LOT and it seems so, well, strange.... You have to excuse my ignorance- we had sheep first and they have a much smaller repetoire of behavior...


IsobelleGoLightly said...

HI Lucky Nickel!!! I'm going to make sure my lady sees this blog because I want a goatominium of my own!!! I don't want to share with anyone and want all the food. I hope you gave Claire's Paa-paaa some nice goat kisses! You were so thoughtful to decorate yourself with those stickery things! So pretty! The dirt is nice too! kiss kiss from ME.

Lola Nova said...

Nasty bruise ouch! Very nice goat hut though. I'm glad you (Claire) had a good visit with your folks. Hope that soon you get a break and are able to take it easy a bit.

Now Lucky, take good care of that lady of yours!