Saturday, October 2, 2010

My lady has been sick

Yes, it's true.  She has brontosaurus.  It's a thing that happens in your chest, so you cough all the time.  Maybe it's bronchosaurus.  Well anyway, she had it.  She still does.  It's dreadful.  She keeps having coughing fits, and she says it's hard to breathe.  Can you imagine?  I'm glad I'm a goat because I'm not susceptible to bronchosaurus, so she can't give it to me.  She still kisses me, even with this brontochestus thing going on.  I'm not sure if that's really very good, but she says I make her happy, so I guess I will let her kiss me anyway.  She's my mom, after all.  (Well, she's my adoptive mom, but she loves me like a real mom and that's all that matters).

Since she has been sick with the bronchiowhatsit all week, I have to do the blog again.  It's okay - I like doing the blog.  I know that all of you, my adoring fans, also like it when I do the blog.  Today, I am going to tell you about what I do in the barn.  I live in the barn, you know.  It's because the other goats don't like me.  Obviously it's because they know I'm clearly superior to them.  She has tried to put me in with them a whole bunch of times, but every time I either get out on my own, or she has to rescue me.  So, I live in the barn with the chickens.  It's more appropriate anyway, since I grew up in the proper house.  I still don't know why I can't just live in the proper house.  Sometimes my lady lets me in the house for treats.  I get special goat treats.  She says they are "dog treats" that are vegetarian ones with no meat - they are peanut butter and cinnamon flavour.  I like them very much, even though I am not a dog.

Anyway, here are some pictures of me demonstrating to you the good life that I have in the barn.  Here I am with one of my feathered friends.  We like to be in the hay mountain.
I know that you think I'm just standing on a hay bale, but really, I am waaaaay up high!
Did you think that I didn't go higher?  Well, you were wrong!!!
I am very good at climbing Hay Mountain.  When I get up there, I like to choose the best bits of hay.  It helps me grow my best coat.  My lady says that my pythona coat is coming in and it's really soft and silky.  Wait, is it pythona?  Maybe it's pythagorus?  Well it's because my Dad is an angora goat. Anyway, enough of that.
See, here I am about to take a leap to the next level of Hay Mountain.
Hey!  Don't look at my bum!  That's not at all polite!!  I am a very demure and dainty goat and nobody should look at my bum!  I can't believe my lady took a picture like this.
Here I'm showing you how to eat the tasty bits of hay from the best bale.
Sometimes you have to use your hoof to get out the best bits.  Like this....(don't mind the hens, they're just decorative).
Then you just eat the best bits once you have them fished out.
Any questions?  Let me know!  Otherwise, I'll just be eating hay and waiting for the brontosaurus to go away.    Send healthy vibes to my lady.  She sounds terrible.  Like her lungs might pop at any minute....


Jennifer said...

I hope your lady is feeling better soon! Love the pictures, you sure do look soft! Like the Snuggle Bear on the commercials. :)

IsobelleGoLightly said...

I hope you have been helping with the barn chores while your lady has been sick with her broncohorses!! I like where you live! That would be so much fun! I can just imagine all that hay to climb on and eat!!! I'd even put up with a few chickens!!! You are getting more and more beautiful every day Lucky Nickel! Of course, I'm in love with your daddy and he's the handsomest Angora goat in Iowa!

Millie said...

Sending your lady lots of good goatie vibes to get better. You certainly do have a good life in the barn. I don't think I'd even mind the chickens if I got to climb Hay Mountain.

Mom L said...

I'm glad you took care of your lady's blog today, Lucky Nickel, because I know she's too sick to do it. I've beem sending healthy messages her way! You are a truly beautiful Hay Mountain Goat, but do you realize the chickens are all looking at your butt in the next to last picture?!!! Oops!

Nancy in Iowa

Mare said...

I send your Lady Lots of Love and Healing Energy as i too suffer from Broncowhatchamacallit! Take care Claire!

Louise said...

What a beautiful goat you are, Lucky Nickel! And a very lucky one, too, to get to live in the barn with all of that lovely hay. You're very brave and agile to jump all over the hay mountain like that.

Please tell your Mom that I hope that she gets over her bronchosaurus soon. I can sympathize, as I think I have a touch of it myself.

Alison said...

Wow, that kind of looks like Goat Heaven...lots of stuff to eat, and you can climb on it, too! Are the chickens good company, or do you just ignore them mostly?

I sure hope your lady gets better soon. Maybe she will be able to climb Hay Mountain with you, then.

Spinners End Farm said...

My goodness Lucky nickle- your mum is sure lucky having you around to help her get better...give her a hug from us. Are you an A B or c type Pygora lucky nickel? You sure look soft. Tea and Twizzler, the pygora goats that run our farm are going to be shorn this weekend!

Kelly Cook said...

Love it!