Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's Really Happening!

Well, Tuesday is the big day.  Finally, after weeks of unexpected delays, actually months now, the big moving day is Tuesday.  I keep trying to be happy about it but there is this big part of me that is incredibly stressed out about all the delays and not having my animals around me and feeling helpless about fixing the problems, which makes me just want to say "It's about _______ time!!!" (insert your favourite word in the blank) instead of "Gee, how lovely."

I am very anxious to get going with things.  There is so very much to be done.  Not least of these things is the emptying of two 10 x 20 foot storage units that are costing me an arm and a leg each month.  One will be emptied on Tuesday, and the second one probably the next week.  As long as both are empty by June 13, it won't go into a 3rd month of payments.

The farmhouse, as I believe I have explained before, is going to be left with much of the existing furniture and other belongings in place.  This is theoretically helpful in some ways, except that it also presents the following issues:
1.  The house is in complete disarray after the owner having been ill for so long and having started a myriad of construction or renovation projects that were never finished.
2.  Due to the aforementioned disarray, there is virtually nowhere to set down large stacks of boxes, let alone furniture.
3.  Much of the belongings that will be left simply need to be disposed of in one way or another.  If I'm lucky, I might be able to sell a few items.
4.  The previous owner would definitely qualify as a pack-rat....perhaps even a hoarder.
5.  In order to make space, many of these left-behind items will need to be moved and/or sorted.
6.  Due to the owner's health problems, the upstairs part of the house is mostly just cluttered with building materials and boxes of things like electrical sockets and switch plates, whereas the downstairs part of the house is far more cluttered with a wider variety of "stuff" than upstairs.
So it's really like 2 moves in 1, because I'm going to be moving much of the stuff that's already there, probably compressing it into several rooms for later sorting, and then bringing my things in.

In addition to this, there are some projects that had been started by the previous owner that have not yet been completed.  One of these...perhaps the most critical the stairs to the upstairs level.  There are no treads.  Just risers.  One cannot lift heavy boxes and carry them up stairs that are just risers.  So, as soon as we arrive, Richard will be tasked with installing temporary stair treads simply so things can be taken upstairs.  I will be trying to make as much room as possible in the upstairs so that things can be taken up there easily.  Since it is the less cluttered area, it is the easier place to put things, once one can actually get up there without breaking one's neck.

Another problem.  Kitchen - avocado green fridge and countertops at the ideal height for individuals in the "3 foot 2" to perhaps "4 foot 6" range.  I am 5 foot 10.  Need I say more?  Oh, I didn't mention the non functioning dishwasher and stove, did I?  Ah....minor details.

Of course, everybody's favourite goat needs to be collected from her temporary farm home as soon as possible, which means that a small amount of fencing needs to be put in initially, and a secure night-time sleeping place must be arranged.  This comes right after the fixing of the aforementioned stairs.

To add to the conundrums (conundra?), the internet is in question.  The previous owner had dial-up.  I will have to probably use that for a time.  We are looking into other options but I'm not sure how quickly we can have installation done.  This means I'll be shutting down the Etsy shops until I've got reliable internet service.  It also means that blog posts won't be immediately forthcoming.  Rest assured...there WILL be pictures.  Lots of pictures and chaos for your viewing pleasure, as soon as I can get them loaded.

Until next time then, wish me luck, and hope for no broken limbs or other injuries.  I could do without that!


IsobelleGoLightly said...

Weee! It sounds like The Great Treasure Hunt! Imagine what you will find when you start! Gzeeks! Tee hee. I hope everything goes well for you and Richard, during your move, Dear Claire! xoxoxoxoxo

And Psssst! Once my lady was given an olive green toilet! hee hee hee

Lisa said...

I'm new to your blog. I'm confused. Are you moving to NS or leaving NS?

Claire MW said...

Hi Lisa - thanks for visiting my blog! I arrived back in NS after 9 years in Iowa. I was supposed to close on my new farm on April 12, but after 4 delays due to seller's health, didn't close until recently, and then he was again delayed in moving out, so I have been staying with my parents for a couple of months now while waiting for my new farm to be vacant. I'll be moving in on Tuesday. :) It's in the Wentworth area. Hope that all makes sense now!

Texan said...

Hang tight girly, eventuallllllllly it will be good :O).

Have you considered having a auctioneer come in and sell off everything you don't want? Don't know if there is enough there to do that but if so that is a handy way to get rid of a lot of stuff fast. Estated sale with auctioneer. Ya they get a % but it usually brings in quite a few buyers and they handle it all!

Well olive green LOL... one of my former careers Interior Design, okay olive green well mmmm it can be worked with no really it can LOL, but if the appliances don't work :O(... the shortness of the counters is a much bigger problem than the colors LOL. ROFL maybe you can work sitting down tee hee .. sorry couldn't help that as that struck me as funny LOL

I am excited for you though I know this has been a ordeal. I mean a winery! Be still my heart :O)...

Miss Effie said...

Good luck, Claire!! When you say you are going to have an adventure .... you REALLY have an adventure!

All of our prayers and good thoughts are heading your way! Pack rat??? Hoarder??? Watch carefully what you throw away! Maybe something very worth while!

brokenteepee said...

I am sure you are thrilled. Good luck with everything.
I hope it all goes smoothly

Millie said...

Finally, the chaos begins instead of just waiting! Good luck with all that sorting and cleaning and finishing. I'm sure Lucky Nickel has been counting the days as well.

Marigold said...

Oh! It will be like a giant scavenger hunt! Perhaps you may even find hidden Peanuts. Hey. It could happen. The goatmother says to put Lucky Nickel to work with a pack hauling things. I say, let the humans do all the work. Good luck!

P.S. The goatmother says to tell you two things. 1)She LOVES the yarn!!!!! 2) Can you get satellite internet - like Hughes? That is what the goatmother has.

Alison said...

GOOD LUCK!! Wow, I can't even imagine what kinds of pictures you'll have...eventually. You've been pretty darn patient with the previous owner, now you'll have to be patient with yourself. Don't overdo it and burn out!

But oh, won't it be nice to finally be settled? Bon courage!

farmer said...

you finally have the go ahead!
Time will fly and you,Richard and Lucky Nickel will be settled in no time.
Have fun and good luck with the move!

Michelle said...

Oh my. I can totally understand why you are stressed! I'm glad you have help!

Gail said...

I look forward to the adventure.

Kathryn said...

Claire, I know what you mean about being too stressed to be happy that the big day has arrived. I have a feeling I'll be the same way when my house sells....should be glad to be getting along with things but all you can see is the work. But remember:"Safety has no quitting time". LOL

tennismom said...

Hang in there, Claire - Hopefully you can set your timeframe so you don't feel too rushed (yeah, right) and things will come together as they should. Good luck and get a BIG dumpster. Or a large yard sale sign?

My Life Under the Bus said...

Gaaa The house we live in now ( which is only half a hell hole now) was a complete disaster the day we moved and continued to show us her sass for the next 2 years I feel for you! I hope everything goes quickley and smoothly!

Kathryn said...

PS: I read your "to do" list to Vic and he wants to get in the truck and come help right now! Risers but no treads??? Gasp!

Sharon said...

That was quite the wait! You should be all moved in now. Good luck with the unpacking (we're still doing ours!).

As for all that "stuff", I hope you find a few "treasures" underneath it all.

Welcome to Nova Scotia :)


Mimi Foxmorton said...

I'm with Isobelle!
You are going to find sooooo much treasure!

Let LN sleep inside for awhile unitl you get settled! SHe deserves a goodly snuggle with her Maaa!

Happy digging........your fairytale is about to come true!


Unknown said...

Claire, many blessings to you, LuckyNickel & kitty. Here's to grace & ease with the move.

Tatteranne said...

Remember to take time and "smell the roses" so to speak. One of your iris left with me last fall is looking lovely!
Lucky Nickel will be thrilled to be more settled and so will you. It all takes such time!
The chooks say hello and Friendly passes along a peck! Found a user friendly way to help broody chickens stop being broody and have their own chance to be out and about in the sunny weather.
Can't wait to hear and see more.
My thoughts are with you!

Tatteranne said...

Sounds like the adventure continues! Remember to take time to smell the roses, as they say.
One of your iris from last fall is looking lovely
Friendly and the other girls say a big hello to Canada and Lucky Nickel. If you ever need a nice way to shorten a broody hens time of exile-I think 3 weeks is enough- I found a way!
Can't wait to hear more and see pics!
My thoughts feel like your new house must look!
I'll be thinking of you!

Jen said...

Hopefully all will go smoothly from here!