Monday, May 16, 2011

Lending a Helping Hoof

Sometimes, we need to be kind goats and people, and lend a helping hoof to someone who needs it.  We should always be kind goats and people, of course, but there are times that we need to go that extra mile, or kilometre, depending on where you live.  Sometimes we need to eat that extra blade of grass, or demolish that extra rose bush.  It all depends on your perspective.

For example, the other day when my lady was shopping, I channeled thoughts to her that we should help others. She received my message loud and clear, and now this nice pink decoration is stuck on a wall at the shop with lots of other nice pink decorations.  We are helpful, my lady and I.  This was to help other ladies who are being hurt by people.  That's not very nice.  I think I should butt those nasty people.

Sometimes, we need to help somebody we know personally.  That's what we're writing about today.  You might remember on my grand cross-country journey, I visited our friend in New York, Isobelle Golightly the Beautiful Goat!  Well, Isobelle's lady has a sweet wee pup who has a bad thing in her hip.  It's going to need an operation called....oh dear, I'm not very good with long's...a female oh-stick-to-me.  I think her bone is stuck.

Ohhhh Lucky Nickel, I have to interrupt your post here.  We have to tell everybody properly what the problem is.  Kezia the puppy has femoral deterioration.  That means her femur bone in her leg is sort of crumbling away.  How very sad for such a young pup.  She needs a very expensive operation called a femoral ostectomy.  It's going to cost over $3000 for her lady to have this operation done!  Okay, you can keep telling the people now what we are doing for sweet little Kezia.
Right.  I shall just say she needs an operation.  Like my operation, when I got spayed, but it's much more complicated.  The good thing is, once she has her operation, she will be able to run and jump like other puppies and goat kids, and she has a very good chance at a normal life, because she is so young and her body will more easily recover.  Isn't that good news?!  We are very happy about Kezia having such a lovely lady to take care of her.  Here is my lady playing with Kezia on her lap!
My lady said, when she met Kezia, that she was a very special dog.  My lady can tell these things.  She said that Kezia has a special role to play in this life.  She knew it was very important to help Kezia.
So, here is what we are doing!  This is so exciting!  My lady has two online shops.  One is her former online shop for Whispering Acres in Iowa, and one is her new shop for Scotia Spinner in Nova Scotia!  Both of her shops have lots of lovely handspun yarns and also some fibre if you want to spin your own!  If you read this blog post and put in the 'message to seller' that this is a Kezia purchase, my lady is donating ALL the funds from the sale to Kezia.  She will do this for the rest of May.  You have two whole weeks to go and purchase anything from either of her shops and all the funds will go to Kezia's operation, AND my lady will cover the shipping costs herself.  Here are the addresses for her two shops (she will slowly be closing out the Iowa one over time):  (this is the Iowa shop) (this is the Nova Scotia shop)

Also, if you don't need yarn but you do need goat coats or wonderful goat soap, go see these other two wonderful blogs who are also helping Kezia!  (10% of goat soap proceeds to Kezia for May!  Hooray!) (wonderful goatie coats for kid goats!!  I want one but I'm too big now!)
(and keep reading on for another way to help!)

Remember to put in the "message to seller" that it's for Kezia.  That way my lady will know.
BUT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!  That's not all!!!

My lady has been learning a new art form.  She is doing some jewelry work.  She has always wanted to do that, but she was much too busy before.  Now she is having fun with it, and she has done quite well with making bracelets so far.  My lady hasn't got any of her bracelets listed in her shop yet, so she is offering them here, first!  You are getting the first view!  Aren't you lucky?!  Anyway, my lady is offering the bracelets for the Kezia fund raising too!  If you buy any of these bracelets in the next two weeks, she will give all the funds to Kezia, and again my lady will cover the shipping.

The single strand bracelets and memory wire bracelets are $15, the 3 strand bracelets (and the green single with all the dangly bits) are $18, and the 5 strand bracelets are $22.  If you would like to buy one to help Kezia, please send my lady an email or post in the comments.  Our email address is ScotiaSpinner at gmail dot com.  We know that you all know how to change the "at" and the "dot" into the proper bits.  We don't want our email address picked up by web bots.

Here are my lady's lovely bracelets.  Please buy one to help little Kezia!  My lady is sorry about the pictures being not very bright.  The weather here is dismal for photography.  We will try to mark them off as they sell.

SOLD!! This one is 5 strands, with beads made of glass, shell, and dyed Jasper.
SOLD!! This one is 3 strands, with beads made from Amazonite, Aventurine, shell, glass, and metal.
SOLD!!  This is a memory wire bracelet with beads made of glass, along with garnet chips and Russian jade cubes, as well as snow obsidian chips.
SOLD!! This is another memory wire bracelet with beads made from glass, along with aventurine chips, Jasper and Carnelian beads.
This is a 5 stranded bracelet with beads made from glass, shell, yellow tiger-eye, and Jasper.
SOLD!! This is a single strand bracelet of glass nuggets and Jasper.
This one is a 3-strand bracelet with glass beads and jade cubes.
 This is another 3 strand bracelet with rose quartz, glass and metal beads, as well as green Aventurine beads.
 Here's a fun bracelet with lots of dangles on it!  This one has glass beads, wire wrapping, and Australian Jasper beads too!
 This is a 3 strand bracelet with glass beads and yellow tiger-eye chips.
 SOLD!! This is the last one - 5 strands with glass beads, Carnelian, Russian Jade cubes and Mookiate chips.
We do hope you'll like one enough to help out our favourite little pup!  Goatie kisses from Isobelle!


Millie said...

What wonderful things goats and people can accomplish when they put their hooves to it!

Texan said...

Wow girly what great items! I am going to run do an update on my blog to add this post link to it!!

Your bracelets are very pretty!

So far 2 of the kid coats have sold. I have an email out on the other two as possibly sold, waiting to hear back! :O)

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Ooo! Thank you, Claire! This is very nice of you during your moving tumult! I think Millie the Goat needs some of those jewelries to swing around on her horns! Tee hee. My lady liked Lucky Nickel's description of Kezia's operation! hee hee hee. xoxoxoxoxo

Marigold said...

Okie dokie, L.N.! I sure hope you send the Goatmother some information on that wool, because, you know, she's kinda' forgetful and needs all the help she can get. Go Kezia! You're not a goat, but at least you don't herd.

Mom L said...

Lucky Nickel, I'm very proud of your post today! It's so good of you and your lady to help Kezia and her Mom.

Claire, your bracelets are beautiful! I used to make earrings way, way back in the 70s when I lived in Berkeley! No, wasn't a hippy 'cause I was married to a cop!

Nancy in Iowa

Jen said...

Hey, where did you end moving to? If you are nearby you should come visit.