Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bunday Blog Business

The female hoomin bean (FHB) has been super-duper busy this week.  She has sat at her desk every day, all day, typing and grumbling and making flow diagrams and grumbling some more.  She gets a bit distracted when she's like that.  Sometimes, she does questionable things without really thinking about it.  For example, this week, she gave us hats.  Honestly, what was she thinking?

I tried mine on, but it wasn't at all suitable for my regal bearing. 

My Lady Épinette Nutkin tried hers on and was briefly traumatized into stillness...

...and then she realized her photo was being taken and was utterly horrified.

I had to console her afterwards.

No, dear FHB, we do not want hats.  At least, not ones like that.

On the positive side, after she grew tired of repeatedly filling our water bottle, the FHB decided that we should have a larger water repository, so she gave us our water in a cats-are-old dish.

I don't know why they call it a cats-are-old dish.  Maybe it's the kind of dish that cats eat from when they are old because they lose the ability to eat tidily and make a big mess, most of which gets caught in the dish. The FHB said that she used it previously to cook cats-are-olds in it, but really, she can't possibly have cooked a cat because she is not that crazy.  Yet.  In any case, it holds a lot of water for us and we are quite pleased with it.

I think we might need an intervention with the FHB to stop her from working so much.  Somebody ought to feed her more alfalfa.


Ellen said...

Having recently found your dispatches, I enjoy your humor as you share your and your animals' lives.
Ellen from N.W. Ohio

Unknown said...

Love your Bunday Blog, Claire :) <3
~ Karelle

Michelle said...

Glad you have a bun to blog for you when you are too busy, Claire! ;-)