Saturday, December 9, 2017

Friday's Hunt, v 4.23

Another busy week has passed by - as I say every week!  I didn't even have time to visit other blogs for a couple of weeks, which is sad.  But here we are again for Friday's Hunt, and I'm scrounging to put together a post for this week's prompts from Eden Hills:  Starts with W, Dense and Texture.

Starts with W
As those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will perhaps remember, my father is a woodworker, and he has a lot of interesting tools. Among those tools are these very small "finger planes" which are also called "whale" planes because of their shape.  Aren't they cute?!

They are called finger planes because they really only fit one finger when they are being used.  They are called whale planes because they look like tiny whales.

The whale's eye is the end of a thin steel rod that holds the wedge in place.  These planes are most commonly used by violin and guitar makers for planing the inside surfaces of the instruments.

The chicken flock is producing eggs despite the short day length, which makes me happy.  It's always fun to go out and collect eggs from the nest boxes.  I'm only getting 2-3 per day, but that's enough!  This egg is particularly pretty - it is covered with a dense pattern of darker speckles on the lighter brown shell.

I took this picture of the spruce trees that surround our house today.  They are also quite dense because they are very close together.  Unfortunately, the spruce only have live green needles at the top of the tree canopy, meaning that the lower parts of the trunks are bare.  It might be good to thin these out a bit.  The trees on the far left side are a different species.

Back to the subject of eggs, some eggs have more texture than others.  While some have very smooth shells, others have shells with little bumps on them.  This is particularly the case with the eggs from my hen, Sienna.  I don't know her breed mix but she is a bantam hen that lays white eggs, and they always have little bumps on them.  Here is one of her eggs - you can really see the textured surface in this close-up shot.


Tom said...

...thanks for the woodworking tool lesson. That's one pretty egg. I just got back from the mountains and hiked through the dense forest.

porkpal said...

I loved the three finger planes. They do, indeed, look like little whales. but I had never heard them called that before.

Lin said...

Pretty photos today. I like the close-ups of the eggs.