Friday, December 29, 2017

Progress with the Garden Shed

I wrote this a few weeks ago and forgot to post it.  Busy brain syndrome!
This past summer, my helpful local builder built a floor for my metal garden shed, and then he and his brother constructed the shed, which I purchased as a kit.  Once the shed was in place, I was using it for its primary purpose, which is the storage of hay bales for the sheep and goat.  However, the shed had a secondary purpose, which was to store my gardening tools and requirements, so they were not taking up space in the garage, which is Marc's domain.

I didn't have time to deal with the garden tools until this weekend, when I was finally able to install the tool hook racks that I bought, as well as some shelving.  Now things are finally looking a bit more organized.  The long-handled tools are installed on a partial wood wall that my builder also made for me.  Then I have two racks for the short-handled tools on the right side.  The sheep leads are hanging from the roof bracket at the far end.  Now I will be able to find things next spring when I want to do some garden work.

The other side of the shed has pallets on the floor and then hay and straw stored on them.  The straw is really for bedding in the chicken coop or the barn.  The metal garbage bins will be for storing feed for both sheep and chickens.  They have tight fitting lids so the raccoons and other critters will not be getting into the feed.

I'm really pleased with the utility of the shed now and I feel happier that this year I will not have to haul hay bales from the garage to the sheep and goat area - rather, I just have to take them out of this shed, which is right next to the fenced area.  So much easier in the snow!

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