Friday, October 24, 2008

Cookie's Walking!

Hooray! Cookie is up all by herself and walking. In fact, she even ran a little bit in the barn. She's a bit wobbly and unsure of herself, for good reason, but she is able to lay down and get up by herself when she wants. This is a HUGE improvement. I am so pleased for her. She will continue to get some "rehab" for her muscles to ensure they build up again and get strong. She may always have a limp or a funny walk, but that's OK if she's able to move and be a normal goat. Here is a picture of her now. Her back is a bit more curved than it should be and you can see her stance is not "normal" but it's a lot better than seeing her dragging both legs behind her and moving along like a seal.

And yes, I know the floor is messy - this picture was before I cleaned out her area and refilled the water dish. I was just so excited to see her standing, I had to take the picture right away!

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Marigold said...

Well, of course this deserves a comment! Alas, I did not know about you then, or I would have commented back when. :)